Annals of Surgery, Volume 64

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J.B. Lippincott, 1916 - Electronic journals
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Includes the transactions of the American Surgical Association, New York Surgical Society, Philadelphia Academy of Surgery, Southern Surgical Association, Central Surgical Association, and at various times, of other similar organizations.

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Page 426 - With the exception of a very small number of cases in which an insufficient amount of the gland had been primarily removed, or in which the remnant which had been left at the primary operation had increased in size, in practically all of the cases which have
Page 640 - There is no way of determining which cases will be benefited by its use. There is beyond doubt a certain percentage—how small or how great we cannot tell from our experience—in which cancerous growths are not retarded by radiotherapy; indeed, occasionally it would appear that there is a positive acceleration of growth.
Page 141 - The solution should be made fresh every three or four days and the dry stock ingredients should be kept in covered receptacles. It is a significant fact that the Dakin fluid is preferred above all other antiseptics by the
Page 426 - butter, toast, rice, cereals. 10. You should drink an abundance of good drinking water, or if this is not available, you should boil your drinking water for twenty minutes or drink distilled water.
Page 336 - Mr. Colles, who had never had an opportunity to dissect a specimen of the fracture, speaks only of the symptoms and treatment. His only statement concerning the fracture itself is an incorrect one."
Page 209 - These tumors are of various types and show only a very slight tendency to malignancy, a fact sufficient in itself to determine a cardinal difference from the
Page 640 - process is at all advanced, whereas fundal growths may be viewed with a cheerful optimism even when the cancerous process is extensive. As a palliative agent, we may assert with full assurance that we have never obtained results with any other method that have even approached in beneficence those secured by radium. The cloud, however, that hangs over the remedy is the danger of unbridled optimism.
Page 85 - "Fracture of the shaft of the femur should not result in shortening greater than 2 cm., nor in a fixed position of angulation or rotation which will affect the joints and require new habits of balancing or tilting of the pelvis; joint function should be good. No permanent disability of the affected member should result."
Page 141 - to the clear filtrate. This solution is neutral to litmus, is non-irritating and is the proper strength for wet dressings and irrigations. The solution should be made fresh every three or four days
Page 725 - cysts vary in size from that of a millet seed to that of an orange.

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