History of Russia, from the foundation of the empire, by Rurik, to the present time

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Page 491 - Palaces and temples," says a Russian author, " monuments of art, and miracles of luxury, the remains of ages which had past away, and those which had been the creation of yesterday ; the tombs of ancestors, and the nursery-cradles of the present generation, were indiscriminately destroyed. Nothing was left of Moscow save the remembrance of the city, and the deep resolution to avenge its fall.''* The fire raged till the 19th with unabated violence, and then began to slacken for want of fuel.
Page 491 - It was the spectacle of a sea and billows of fire, a sky and clouds of flame, mountains of red rolling flame, like immense waves of the sea, alternately bursting forth and elevating themselves to skies of fire, and then sinking into the ocean of flame below. ' Oh ! it was the most grand, the most sublime, and the most terrific sight the world ever beheld.
Page 500 - Ah ! without that, there would have been an end of the Austrian monarchy. But it was written in Heaven that I should marry an Archduchess.
Page 517 - I embrace your general — (he pressed the general to his bosom). — Bring hither the eagle — (he embraced the standard, and concluded), — Beloved eagle, may the kisses I bestow on you long resound in the hearts of the brave ! — Adieu, my children, — Adieu, my brave companions, — Surround me once more — Adieu.
Page 116 - ... the hindermost row. Next to them succeeded a regular series of animals, descending gradually to the smallest, intermixed with poultry and game, hanging in festoons, and garnished with heaps of butter, fish, and eggs.
Page 29 - Here were pots with flowers and orange-trees, partly formed of ice, and partly natural, on which birds sat. Beyond these were erected two icy pyramids. On the right of one of them stood an elephant, which was hollow, and so contrived as to throw out burning naphtha; while a person within it, by means of a tube, imitated the natural cries of the animal.
Page 454 - Coming down the street called The Perspective, he perceived a Nobleman who was taking his walk, and had stopped to look at some workmen who were planting trees by the Monarch's order. — " What are you doing ?" said the Emperor. " Merely seeing the men work,
Page 127 - ... earth. When the road is new, it is remarkably good ; but, as the trunks decay or sink into the ground, and as the sand or earth is worn away, or washed off by the rain, as is frequently the...
Page 126 - ... are ornamented and protected with firs and pines. Each person, provided with a little low sledge, something like a butcher's tray, mounts the ladder, and glides with inconceivable rapidity down the inclined plane, poising his sledge as he goes down. The momentum thus acquired, carries...
Page 489 - I was angry at this, and issued very strict orders on the subject to the commandants of regiments and others. The next day it had advanced, but 'still not so as to give serious alarm/. However, afraid that it might gain upon us, I went out on horseback, and gave every direction to extinguish it. The next morning a violent wind arose, and the fire spread with the greatest rapidity. Some hundred miscreants, hired for that purpose, dispersed themselves in different parts of the town, and with matches...

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