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Even though the book has been written more than 20 years ago, and, hence a bit outdated, it is still very much worth reading. Introduces the reader into the UNIX philosophy: writing small programs that solve a concrete task and combining them to solve a given problem. In other words, it teaches you how to make the most of the UNIX programming environment through its tools and common sense. Recently a few books have appeared that cover some of the new topics that evolved these last decades (autotools, git, ...), but none can override this book. If you are looking forward to become a proficient programmer under a UNIX/Linux environment, you should have this book in your bookshelf and you should read it. 

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This book was simple to read and introduced the user to the UNIX environment without the scariness which usually accompanies it. Sure, some of the information is outdated but to gain an appreciated understanding of the underlying nature of the UNIX operating system this book is a must. I had an excellent time reading this book and feel that it has helped me develop my skills and competence on UNIX-like environments. 

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