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I'm going to have to agree with the other "outlier" review here. I'm an undergraduate student with moderate interest in linear algebra, and have enjoyed reading other material on the subject in the past. This book seems to provide lengthy explanations for simple ideas, and fails to point out concepts that could make interpreting the text far easier. It has a heavy emphasis on doing things in the most rigorous, "proper" way possible, written for the purest mathematicians at heart. It will also, on occasion, list the word it has defined *after* writing a paragraph about them, using nothing but italics to indicate the definition on this page. This makes it very difficult to scan back a few pages to refer to earlier ideas. In fact, the entire book uses an old style typeset that has very limited capability for highlighting key ideas or diagramming concepts, and provides minimal aid for the more visual learners.
In general, this book seems to expect that you'll want to carefully read every word, and is written in a way that that only the very mathematically interested/inclined could enjoy. For anyone looking for a quick reference to skim or a book to learn from for a casual interest Linear Algebra course, I would highly recommend looking for another book.

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