Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain, Volume 11

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Harding and Lepard, 1835 - Great Britain

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Page 111 - Junius burst into notice with a blaze of impudence which has rarely glared upon the world before, and drew the rabble after him as a monster makes a show. When he had once provided for his safety by impenetrable secrecy, he had nothing to combat but truth and justice, enemies whom he knows to be feeble in the dark. Being then at liberty to indulge himself in all the immunities of invisibility; out of the reach of danger, he has been bold ; out of the reach of shame, he has been confident.
Page 59 - I ever looked on Lord Keppel as one of the greatest and best men of his age ; and I loved, and cultivated him accordingly. He was much in my heart, and, I believe, I was in his to the very last beat.
Page 42 - The question of the repeal was brought on by ministry in the committee of this house, in the very instant when it was known that more than one court negotiation was carrying on with the heads of the opposition. Everything, upon every side, was full of traps and mines. Earth below shook; heaven above menaced; all the elements of ministerial safety were dissolved.
Page 59 - ... with what prodigality we both squandered ourselves in courting almost every sort of enmity for his sake, I believe he felt, just as I should have felt, such friendship on such an occasion.
Page 124 - Conspicuous scene ! another yet is nigh, (More silent far) where kings and poets lie; Where Murray (long enough his country's pride) Shall be no more than Tully or than Hyde...
Page 137 - I remember you prophesied formerly that I should be a Chief Justice, or perhaps something higher. Half is come to pass : I am Thane of Cawdor, but the greater is behind ; and if that fails me, you are still a false prophet. Joking aside — I am retired out of this bustling world to a place of sufficient profit, ease, and dignity; and I believe that I am a much happier man than the highest post in the law could have made me.

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