Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency ..., Volume 16

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Printed at the Government Central Press, 1883 - Bombay (India : State)

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Page 531 - so strong was her sense of duty on all points connected with the distribution of justice that she is represented as not only patient, but unwearied, in the investigation of the most insignificant causes when appeals were made to her decision. It appears above all extraordinary how she had mental and bodily powers to go through
Page 323 - The watchman was bound to know the character of each man in the village, and if a theft was committed within the village bounds, it was his business to detect the thief. He was enabled to do this by
Page 326 - This responsibility was necessary, as besides the usual temptation to neglect, the watchman was often himself a thief, and the headman disposed to harbour thieves with a view to share their profits. Besides the regular village watchman, other guards from the plundering tribes in the neighbourhood were often entertained, partly to help in repelling force and aid in apprehending
Page 171 - or silk reeler and spinner, get help from their women in their special craft. Their ordinary hours of work are from seven to eleven in the morning and from two to five in the
Page 423 - its population was 50,899 or 132 to the square mile, and its land revenue £11,735 (Rs. 1,17,350). Of the 384 square miles, 339 have been surveyed in detail. According to the revenue survey, nineteen square miles are occupied by the lands of alienated villages. The remainder contains 155,274
Page 443 - size should be uniform. For this purpose scales and weights were given to each of the 400 workmen and the manager examined them every week. When the workmen were satisfied with the weight of the pieces, they were forwarded to the manager who sent them to be stamped. In stamping the
Page 443 - and a third man gave a blow with a six-pound hammer. Three men were able to strike 2000 pieces an hour, or 20,000 in a working day of ten hours. As the seal was a little larger than the piece, all the letters were seldom inscribed. Gold and copper coins were
Page 443 - an instrument like an anvil was used. It had a hole in the middle with letters inscribed on it. Piece after piece was thrown into the hole, the seal was held on it by a workman called
Page 531 - wisdom of her administration. Her great object was, by a just and moderate government, to improve the condition of the country, while she promoted the happiness of her subjects. She maintained but a small force independent of
Page 531 - her own reputation for safety against all external enemies. Her first principle of government appears to have been moderate assessment and an almost sacred

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