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KTO Press, 1921 - America

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Page 103 - Carpenter, William S. Judicial tenure in the United States, with especial reference to the tenure of federal judges. New Haven, Yale univ. press; [etc.] vii, 234 p. [1699 "Designed to present the historical development of two phases of the American judicial system: the influence of the exercise of the doctrine of judicial review upon the position of the courts, and the political reactions affect ing the tenure of judges.
Page 36 - General Collot's reconnoitering trip down the Mississippi and his arrest in New Orleans in 1796, by order of the baron de Carondelet, governor of Louisiana.
Page 149 - XII. — El almirante don Manuel Blanco Encalada. — Correspondencia de Blanco Encalada y otros chilenos eminentes con el Libertador, por Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna.
Page 99 - ... pleading or to any attempt upon the part of the author to found theories of action upon past acts, but almost wholly to the logic of the facts themselves. The Principles of American Diplomacy embodies substantially the entire text, with few alterations or amendments, of a work published by the author in 1905 under the title American Diplomacy: Its Spirit and Achievements. To this text, however, have been added discussions of all important diplomatic events that have occurred between 1903 and...
Page 28 - HIST. REV., IV (July) 186-216. [408 Abstracts of New Jersey commissions, civil and military, from liber AAA of commissions in the secretary of state's office at Trenton [1708-1710] PA.
Page 147 - Larrazábal, Felipe. Vida del libertador Simón Bolívar. Edición modernizada. Con prólogo y notas de R. Blanco-Fombona. Tomo I. Madrid, Imp.
Page 103 - Is to make plain two facts : first, that the essential qualities of American Federal organization were largely the product of the practices of the old British empire as it existed before 1764...
Page 56 - Pilcher, Joe Mitchell. The story of Marksville, La. LA. HIST. soc. PUB., X, 68-86. [878 Price, Nellie Warner. Le spectacle de la rue St. Pierre. LA. HIST. QUAR., I (Jan.) 215-223. [879 Presents data to show that the building first designated as a theatre in New Orleans was the same building known subsequently as "Le spectacle de la rue St. Pierre.
Page 109 - MAG., LII (Mar.) 142-148. [1791 Philanthropy. Howe, MA De Wolfe. The Humane society of the commonwealth of Massachusetts; an historical review, 1785-1916. Boston, Printed for the Humane society at the Riverside press, Cambridge, xiv, 397 p. plates, ports., facsims.
Page 67 - Coddington it is probably that of a grandson of (he first governor of that name— Colonel William Coddington. Merchants national bank of Providence. Old Providence; a collection of facts and traditions relating to various buildings and sites of historic interest in Providence.

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