The Evolution of the Bible

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AuthorHouse, 2006 - Religion - 212 pages
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This book is the result of over thirty years of information gathering, and over five years writting. It is designed to have facts and truthful information for the person that wants the whole story about religion. There are at least two sides to every issue; Religion is no different. The problem is, as a child growing up, all I ever got was the Christian side. What the Bible said was absolutely fact, no questions allowed. When I did ask a few questions, I never got an accurate, or straight answer......................... I wondered why not. Surely, other people have had the same problems also. What was the rest of the story? What was the answers, truthfully? History and historical doccumentation has information that shed some different light on the subject of religion. Why can't we have the actual facts, then make our decision of faith and religion with all the information, not just half of it? If the Bible is as great as all the Preachers and Clergy says, then the facts will support it. If not, then why not? Since the Bible is the main source of information, lets take a candid look at who actually wrote it, and why. The truth is the main driving factor in this book. Ignoring the facts, or making excuses does not alter the facts. It only hides them from people. If you had some questions, but never got a straight answer from anyone else, maybe this book will help. Thank you, Jay Charles

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Sure makes you understand how ignorant people were 2000 years ago.....

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what a refreshing difference from the religious side. Is it possible that people can separate their brainwashed roots to see the actual truth of history?................
Very few will shed their
historical beliefs, and what a shame that they can not see the actual facts of life.
At least, this man had the foresight to see the history of our selves..................

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