The principal uses of the sixteen most important homœopathic medicines, compiled from the works of Jahr &c. [by E. Capper].

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Page 155 - ... with pressure in the precordial region. — Vomiting of coagulated blood, of a deep colour. — After drinking (or eating), vomiting of what has been taken, often with a mixture of blood. — Pressure, fulness, contraction, and cramp-like pain in the stomach and in the precordial region. — Shootings in the pit of the stomach, with pressure extending to the back, and tightness of the chest. 12. Abdomen. — Shootings in the region of the spleen, with difficulty of breathing. — Pressure in...
Page 154 - Rush of blood to the head, with burning heat in the head, the body being cool or naturally warm. Headache caused by a shock, or some other mechanical cause. Concussion of the brain.
Page 231 - ... headache above the eyes, worse during motion ; difficult menstruation, oppression of the chest, fainting fits and hysteric spasms, with excessive languor, especially in the knees and small of the back, with drowsiness, mania or headache, with sense of looseness of the brain when shaking the head ; pains in the back and small of the back, as if bruised and lamed by blows. Nux vomica, when the hysteria appears to be connected with disordered digestion, fainting turns after dinner, paralytic weakness...
Page 168 - Pressure in the abdomen, which is drawn in (when lying down). *Cramp-like, constrictive pain in the lowermost intestines, alternating with dull stitches or jerks in the direction of the perineum. * Constriction of the abdomen around the umbilicus, as if a ball or lump would form. *Colic, as if a spot in t/te abdomen were seized with the nails, a griping, clutdiing, seizing as with talons (clawing).
Page 157 - ... °dropsical complaints; ° scrofulous affections. — Complaints arising from abuse of China or Iodine; °from drinking wine; °from cold and wet. — * Arthritic and rheumatic pains and complaints ; ^drawing and lacerating, particularly in the limbs, with inability to lie on the affected part, and diminution of the pains when moving the...
Page 167 - When swallowing, one experiences a sensation in the throat as though the parts were too narrow, contracted, as if nothing would go down. Aversion to every kind of liquid.
Page 178 - Achihg in the stomach after fasting. Abdomen. — Tension in the region under the ribs. Cannot bear tight clothes around the abdomen. Pressure in the abdomen, from the pit of the stomach downwards. Frequent severe spasms, especially in the evening and at night, with coldness of the thighs. Enlargement and hardness of the abdomen. Coldness in the abdomen. Swollen, hard, mesenteric glands of children.
Page 226 - Pains as if the chest would fly to pieces, when coughing, or drawing a deep breath. Burning in the chest, rising to the face. Palpitation of the heart ; also without any apparent cause.
Page 148 - Attacks of fainting, chiefly on rising from a recumbent posture, "and sometimes with congestion of blood in the head, *buzzing in the ears, "deadly paleness of countenance, and shuddering. — * Uneasiness, as if from suppressed perspiration, or in consequence of a chill, with pain in the head, buzzing in the ears, colic and cold in the head. — Sensation of cold and of stagnation of blood in all the vessels. — Shaking in the limbs. — Cataleptic attack, with cries, grinding of the teeth, and...
Page 158 - Nightly burning heat all over with burning in all the veins, without thirst or sweat. Quotidian, tertian, and quartan fevers with indistinct chilliness and heat, with great restlessness and thirst ; or else without thirst during the chilliness and heat. Cold clammy sweats. Nightly sweats. Pulse irregular ; or rapid, weak, small. Moral Symptoms. — Excessive anxiety and restlessness, driving one to and fro in the day time and out of bed at night. Dread of being alone. Excessive fear of death. Vexed...

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