Can you Handle this Messiah?: Prophesy, Life and Ministry Of Jesus Our Christ

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Traillblazer Bookshop, 2010 - 498 pages
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Jesus Christ is God, the living Word, who became flesh through His miraculous conception by the Holy Spirit and His virgin birth. Therefore, He is perfect Deity and true humanity united in one person forever.

He lived a sinless life and voluntarily atoned for the sins of men by dying on the cross as our substitute, thus satisfying divine justice and accomplishing salvation for all who trust in Him alone.

It is His life, the ‘Word made flesh’, that we will look at in detail in this book. His personality and ministry as set out in the Gospels. By understanding His personality I hope to develop a revelation in your heart of how Emmanuel, “God with us” can enable you to see how Jesus can identify with your infirmities.

By studying His personality and His ministry it is hoped that all readers will develop a fuller understand of His attributes so that all can have a healthy perspective of who He is. The reason I say this is that many artists have tried to capture the personality Jesus Christ on canvas, but sad to say they have never been able to encapsulate every attribute or a true perspective of our great God, Jesus. Jesus is the Living Word and therefore we need only to delve into the written Word of God to get a clear picture of Him. He is found in the Word of God and that will leave a deep impression in your heart.


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I'm the 'brainout' quoted on page 478 of this book. I can't review it, as I haven't read it, but the citation of me is not correct, exactly. The material cited is very outdated, was vastly upgraded, and is in vimeo under 'brainout' with full Hebrew and Greek onscreen proof/demonstration, and the new master document is or pdf or .htm (each is a copy of the other).
FYI, I've now done the dateline meters for each Chapter 1 in the NT (see LukeDatelineMeters.doc or pdf or htm for a summary of the results) and for more of the OT; a few others are analyzing meters in the OT as well. However, this is all original research (not copyrighted), very new, has no scholarly review; so you must evaluate validity by CONTENT, not the credentials of the writer. If the material is right, it will be self-validating in the actual text and analysis.
This is a lifelong project, eventually requiring many hands. So I didn't know I was quoted in a book, found this by mistake, hence this clarification. Again, I don't know what the book says, and make no judgments about it.
You may reach me in, vimeo,, Youtube, Bibleworks forums, Amazon, etc. if you seek further details. (I'm not allowed to post in B-Greek since I won't provide my real name, but I'm a member there, too.)
End Due Diligence Disclosure. Thank you for your time.


Chapter Four Full Ownership Surrender
Chapter Five Jesus is God
Introduction to the Gospels
Chapter Seven Historical Significant Events

Abraham Covenant of Nations
The Seed of Abraham
Earthly Origin 10 He Will be of the Tribe of Judah 11 Revelation 535
The Line of lsaac
The Line of Jacob Shiloh
The Revealed
25 27
Chapter Two llutual Ovvnership
Chapter Three Between the Old and the
Chapter Eight Jesus the Teacher
Chapter Nine Jesus the Teacher Part Two
Garden of Gethsemane and this cup
Paid in Full
Chapter Eleven Saviour God Lord
Chapter Twelve Atonement Propitiation
Chapter Thirteen The Name of the Lord is
Chapter Fourteen Example Love Peace
Chapter Fifteen Friend Guardian

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About the author (2010)

Dr. Ian Traill is a missionary to China where he has been for the past 15 years.

Previously he had planted a Church in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia and now he is involved in planting Churches in China and developing Traillblazer, Tony Smits Bible College throughout the nation.

Previously he had planted a Church in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia and now he is involved in planting Churches in China and developing Traillblazer, Tony Smits Bible College throughout the nation.

Arriving in August 2000 to take up a position teaching English at Universities and Colleges, working as a "tentmakers" ministry, he has been conducting Bible classes and training people in the area of leadership with the view of them starting their own home church. Ian has a strong desire to bring teaching to the people, thus he has written many books.

A missionary is one who is sent to cross over geographic and cross-cultural boundaries to plant the Word of God and a local church, thus establishing God’s culture in a new location. The Gospel of John clearly portrays Jesus as fulfilling the ministry of a missionary sent from God (John 3:17-34, 4:34, 5:23, 5:36-38, 6:29-57, 7:16-33, 8:16-42, 9:4, 10:36, 11:42, 12:44-49, and13:20). Jesus Christ came as a missionary to this world to save us, but non-Christians reading His story in a newspaper at that time, would say that He was a failure. We, of course, are aware He did not fail. It is because of His mission that we are here today, and it was through someone else that we heard about Jesus too. Faith comes by hearing the Word, but if there is no preacher how can people hear? So we are going to all nations.


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