Forbidden Sex and the Death Emirs: Measuring Progress in the War on Terror

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AuthorHouse, Aug 1, 2005 - Political Science - 348 pages
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Imagine the whole Muslim world is a lawn, and the Wahhabist murderers are crabgrass. As of 2005, the war is being fought with a brand-new and very expensive bulldozer to dig out each individual rhizome of crabgrass. Some are captured alive and put in special pots in Cuba for study; some die. The bulldozer, meanwhile, is very expensive and runs twenty-four hours a day. Occasionally, the bulldozer tramples a section of seemingly healthy lawn, and the world press and media agonize about it; politicians apologize and order the bulldozer to stop, which reduces its effectiveness. Occasionally the crabgrass strikes back, demonstrating its continued existence, and throughout this period, tiny seeds are produced on invisible stalks to fly away and implant themselves throughout the Muslim ''lawn''. I propose a gradual evolution to a more modern and effective strategy which attacks, not the symptoms of Wahhabist murder-gangs, but the elements of the ''inner circle'' cult within Wahhabism which cause it to thrive in the rich soil of Islam. Through the information in this book, I hope to alter the chemistry of the ''soil'' under the Muslim lawn, making it impossible for these murdering rhizomes to thrive. The ''dozer will still be needed in Iraq and Afghanistan, to clean out the runaway growth of the weed in those countries; it may also be needed in Arabia. But in any stable Muslim society, intervention against recruitment by education of the young under a strong and courageous Muslim government will prevent revolution and shorten this war. In the early ages of science, naturalists painted a picture of a flower by pulling a healthy specimen out of the ground and drawing leaves, flowers, stems, rootsand all. Beside the flower they might portray a seed pod and a cluster of seeds, so the viewer would know at a glance the entire lifecycle of the plant from flower through seed production, even the root system by which it feeds. Such a portrait of the system which

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