New York City and Vicinity During the War of 1812-15: Being a Military, Civic and Financial Local History of that Period, Volume 2

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Page 555 - States by virtue of this act, or any other act, may, if in the opinion of the President of the United States the public interest requires it, be compelled to serve for a term not exceeding six months, after their arrival at the place of rendezvous, in any one year, unless sooner discharged.
Page 530 - An act concerning letters of marque, prizes and prize goods,' a copy of which is hereto annexed, will be kept constantly in your view. The high seas, referred to in your commission, you will understand generally, to refer to...
Page 1 - The British cabinet, either mistaking our desire of peace for a dread of British power, or misled by other fallacious calculations, has disappointed this reasonable anticipation. No communications from our envoys having reached us, no information on the subject has been received from that source.
Page 54 - Proviso, forfeitures incurred by virtue of the said act or acts shall be recovered and distributed, and may be mitigated or remitted, in like manner as if the same had continued in full force and virtue : And provided also That nothing herein contained shall be construed to authorize or permit the importation of goods, wares or merchandise, or of any article, the property of, or belonging at the time of such importation, to the enemy or enemies of the United States.
Page 378 - Champlain, either from pride in the achievement or benefit from its consequences, they, therefore, tender to that officer their admiration and thanks, and as a memorial of the new lustre added by him to the brightness of our naval renown, "Resolved, That the freedom of the city, in a gold box, be presented to Commodore...
Page 201 - ... department. In this dilemma, his thoughts turned to Colonel Willett, who had just been appointed to the command of one of the two regiments formed by the consolidation of five New York regiments. His name was a " tower of strength" among the people of the Mohawk Valley, and Clinton implored him to take command of all the militia levies and state troops that might be raised for the summer campaigns. He consented, left the main army, and established his head-quarters at Fort Rensselaer1 (Canajoharie),...
Page 500 - We think it docs not promise an aspect of immediate tranquillity to this continent, and that it will disconcert particularly the measures which Great Britain has been taking with regard to the future destination of this country, among others, and to which she has attached apparently much importance.
Page 258 - In 1814, he was appointed paymaster-general of the militia of the State of New York, in the service of the United States.
Page 531 - States, to be examined upon oath touching the interest or property of the captured vessel and her lading ; and at the same time are to be delivered...
Page 81 - States, when they will have their choice of either entering into His Majesty's Sea or Land Forces, or of being sent as Free Settlers, to the British Possessions in North America or the West Indies, where they will meet with all due encouragement.