Oeuvres - Collected Works I

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Springer Science & Business Media, Jul 1, 1979 - Mathematics - 538 pages
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From the Preface: “There are three volumes. The first one contains a curriculum vitae, a «Brève Analyse des Travaux» and a Iist of publications, including books and seminars. In addition the volume contains all papers of H. Cartan on analytic functions published before 1939. The other papers on analytic functions, e.g. those on Stein manifolds and coherent sheaves, make up the second volume. The third volume contains, with a few exceptions, all further papers of H. Cartan; among them is a reproduction of exposés 2 to 11 of his 1954/55 Seminar on Eilenberg-MacLane algebras. Each volume is arranged in chronological order. The reader should be aware that these volumes do not fully reflect H. Cartan's work, a large part of which is also contained in his fifteen ENS-Seminars (1948-1964) and in his book "Homological Algebra" with S. Eilenberg... Still, we trust that mathematicians throughout the world will welcome the availability of the "Oeuvres" of a mathematician whose writing and teaching has had such an influence on our generation.”

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About the author (1979)

Hans Grauert (b. 1930 in Harem /Ems, Germany) and Reinhold Remmert (b. 1930 in OsnabrA1/4ck, Germany) met at the University of MA1/4nster, where they both studied mathematics and physics from 1949 to 1954. In 1950 they were invited by Heinrich Behnke and Karl Stein to attend their "Oberseminar," which was held on Saturdays, for 2 hours from 9 a.m.

Five years after the tragic events of World War 2, Behnke's old friend Henri Cartan visited MA1/4nster. His lecture on recent developments in the theory of "Several Complex Variables" was a real eye-opener for the young students and had a strongly formative influence on them: indeed this was to determine the course of their scientific research careers from then on.

In June 1954 Grauert and Remmert received their respective doctorates from the University of MA1/4nster. In 1957 they both became lecturer (Privatdozent) there. In 1959 resp. 1960, Grauert and Remmert were appointed full professors at GAttingen resp. Erlangen.

The original German edition of "Theory of Stein Spaces" was written at a time when complex spaces, coherent analytic sheaves and the so-called Theorems A and B had already become established notions and theorems. Dedicated to Karl Stein, the book was published in 1977, and the English edition was to follow in 1979. The first announcement of the book, in Springer's promotion, consisted of the picture reproduced on the inside cover flap of this book, taken during the boat trip of the annual Bonn Arbeitstagung some time earlier, showing three men on a boat, with the minimalistic caption "Grundlehren 227.

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