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Will Cuppy needs to be more widely recognized as the amazing humorist that he is. During his life he was best known for his short sketches about various animals, but all his life, on the back burner, he'd been working on this history of the world. In a series of biographical sketches, Cuppy takes a look at Hatsheput, Pericles, Hannibal, Atilla, Charlemagne, Lucretia Borgia, William the Conqueror, Philip the II, Louis XIV, Frederick the Great, and Miles Standish, among others. Without being unnecessarily disrepectful, he reduces each of these figures to the humans that they were. Each of his facts, no matter how incongruous, is absolutely true, else he wouldn't have included it. Amazingly, his approach does not get the slightest bit tiresome as the book goes on--the chapter about the Pilgrims is just as funny as the chapters on the ancient Egyptians. And do not on any account skip the footnotes--Cuppy's use of footnotes is another uniquely hilarious aspect of his presentation. This really is world history the painless way! If you're a history buff at all, you'll crack up laughing.  

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