The Diseases of Woman, Their Causes and Cure Familiarly Explained: With Practical Hints for Their Prevention, and for the Preservation of Female Health

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Burgess, Stringer, 1847 - Generative organs, Female - 294 pages

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Page 209 - Many cases of puerperal mania are merely extremes of the hysterical disorder of the moral and intellectual powers or states of the mind. All these more extreme forms of mental affection are observed only where, in connection with much local or uterine irritation, there is great deficiency of nervous energy generally, and of mental power in particular, or where, with such deficiency, there has been either much injudicious culture, or perversion, or improper excitement of the imagination. " Females...
Page 211 - At last, the most notorious charlatans, particularly those who excite the body through the mind or the mind through the body, the animal magnetizers, the homceopathists, the St. John Longs of rubbing celebrity, and the Campbells of celestial-bed notoriety, fix her attention. At such medical bagnios there is something promising gratification as well as excitement, and at such places hysterical as well as hypochondriacal patients
Page 197 - I have known this take place to such an extent as to lead to the belief that the urine had escaped involuntarily.
Page 121 - ... bed for several months by an excruciating pain in the back and in the lower part of the abdomen. The pain was constant, but with paroxysms more violent at the menstrual periods.
Page 141 - Abscesses are not uncommon in the lungs and may vary from the size of a millet seed to that of a baseball; they contain a grayish-yellow pus.
Page 248 - THE PERIOD OF ADOLESCENCE, commences with the first appearance of puberty, and extends to the twentieth year of females, and the twenty-fourth of males. Puberty appears at various ages, according to the climate, the circumstances connected with education, and the constitution of the individual. The usual period, in this country, is from the twelfth to the fourteenth year for females, and from the fourteenth to the sixteenth for males. In the northern parts of the island it is often a year or two...
Page 210 - Even when the hysterical disorder is of a very painful kind, the variability or capricious state of her mind leads her to run from one physician to another before opportunity of administering aid is afforded to any. At last, the most notorious charlatans, particularly those who either excite the body through the mind, or the mind through the body — the animal magnetizers, the Homoeopathists, the St.
Page 209 - Hysterical females," says he, " are not merely capricious or whimsical, but they often become enthusiastic for a time in the pursuit of an object, or in cherishing an emotion by which they have been excited. In many such cases the nervous excitement and vascular turgescence of the uterine organs determine the character of the mental disorder; elevating certain of the moral sentiments, or of the intellectual manifestations, to a state of extravagance, passing in some instances into delusion or monomania....
Page 250 - From this source frequently spring, i.mpotency hereafter ; the extinction of families and hereditary honors — honors which such persons are incapable of achieving ; the infliction, during after-life, of many of the diseases which proceed from debility, and the exhaustion of the nourishment and vital energy of the various structures and organs ; numerous nervous and convulsive maladies, as hysteria, epilepsy, neuralgia, chorea, melancholia, mania, idiotcy, &c. ; the dangerous or fatal visitation...

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