The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless ...

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L. Garden, 1768

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Page 18 - They then fell into some discourse on duelling; and Mr. Trueworth could not help joining with the ladies, in condemning the folly of that custom, which, contrary to the known laws of the land, and oftentimes contrary to his own reason too, obliges the gentleman either to obey the call of the person who challenges him to the field, or by refusing, submit himself not only to all the insults his adversary is pleased to treat him with, but...
Page 86 - was far from setting forth to any advantage the real good qualities she was possessed of: on the contrary, the levity of her conduct rather disfigured the native innocence of her mind, and the purity of her intentions.
Page 122 - He then took the liberty of reminding her that a young lady more endangered her reputation by an acquaintance of one woman of ill fame than by receiving the visits of twenty men, though professed libertines.
Page 125 - If you had retained the least spark of generosity, or good-will towards me, you would rather have avoided than coveted my company . . . how base, — how cruel is such a behaviour Betsy 125.
Page 89 - you may be the Strephon of the woods, if you think fit; but I shall never envy the happiness of the Chloe that accompanies you in these fine recesses. What! to be cooped up like a tame dove, only to coo, and bill, and breed? O, it would be a delicious life, indeed!
Page 89 - The deity of soft desires,' said he, ' flies the confused glare of pomp and public shews; — 'tis in the shady bowers, or on the banks of a sweet purling stream, he spreads his downy wings, and wafts his thousand nameless pleasures on the fond — the innocent and the happy pair.
Page 117 - Betfy directed the man where to drive ; but the gentleman, unheard by her, ordered him to go to the bagnio in Orange- ftreet.
Page 108 - to infpect, or a governor to direct my " actions, the choice, perhaps, may fall
Page 170 - ' cafe being fo plain, but to relieve you *' from paying the penalty of the bond ; " but, in the mean time, what will " you do with Lady Mellafin? — It is " neceffary fhe fhould be removed out of
Page 259 - This conjecture, however, rendering him more impatient than ever for the difcovery ; he omitted nothing in his power, either by words or actions, to diffuade her from re-afiumir.g her vizard, •when they fhould quit that iccne of darknefs, — ' How gladly would I comply,' cried [he, ' but that I fear ., * Fear what !

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