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Mr. Wilkinson's book skims over the winning of the Public Law 280 issue in South Dakota. It was run and controlled out of the Paulsen Advertising Agency - and given no chance of winning. The Tribal President's met and established a policy which was developed at the agency. They were magnificent. Shots were fired at some of them, threats were made but they never wavered. Cato Valandra, President of the Rosebud Sioux was also President of the United Sioux Tribes. There was a Keep Faith Committee which was chaired by someone from Paulsen's agency. It was this individual who developed the policies and strategies and worked with the Tribal presidents. All public relations, writing and the contents of the film developed on the issue needed this individuals approval. Alvinia Greybear of the Standing Rock Tribe and Dan Howard, Frank Ducheneauxm, Enos Poorbear, President of Pine Ridge, Archbishop Vine Deloria and Sam Deloria were initimately involved in the issue. The land was taken away from Jim Ramey, President Protem of the Senate who lied about the murder of an Indian girl to get the legislation passed. The Governor became involved threatening the person from Paulsen Advertising. The reservations were dried up of any liquor before election day and fed at the polls. When the issue was done the Sioux controlled all the counties with an indian population and the most important man in the State was Cato Valandra, President of the United Sioux.
At that time the Sioux were able to influence Indian education as it was being set up through the Interior Department, They celebrated with a Pow Wow at Pine Ridge and adopted the people who helped them from the Paulsen Advertising Agency. The Sioux President's were magnificent in their discipline and leadership.

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Pity that any mention of any Stillday is made in this book. For decades Larry Stillday has taken advantage of women of any race by using spiritual traditions of his people in order to gain trust and to appear wise and connected to the spiritual world. There are a string of women in Northern Minnesota who have put their trust in this egomaniacal and dangerous fraud to find themselves sexually and emotionally abused,most of which have paid for their mistakes of trust and errors in judgment in ways that have drastically altered their lives-addiction, divorce, and loss of employment, all due to Stillday's "guidance." He may know a bit about the history of his people, but he knows nothing of ethical, moral, or spiritual behavior. He is the stereotypical example of a false medicine man, bringing shame and slower progress to his people. He is known among most of his people in just this way. 

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