Shakespeare's Ovid: Being Arthur Golding's Translation of the Metamorphoses

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At the De La More Press, 1904 - 321 pages
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Page 144 - Earth it selfe to grone and fearfully to quake. I call up dead men from their graves: and thee O lightsome Moone I darken oft, though beaten brasse abate thy perill soone.
Page 123 - And over Leda she had made a Swan his wings to splay. She added also how by Jove in shape of Satyr gaye The faire Antiope with a paire of children was besped : And how he tooke Amphitrios shape when in Alcmenas bed He gate the worthie Hercules: and how he also came To Danae like a shoure of golde, to Aegine like a flame, A sheepeherd to Mnemosyne, and like a Serpent sly 140 To Proserpine.
Page 21 - The nature both of fowles, beastes, wormes, herbes, mettals, stones and woods, And finally what ever thing is straunge and delectable, The same conveyed shall you fynd most featly in some fable. And even as in a cheyne, eche linke within another wynds, And both with that that went before and that that followes binds: So every tale within this booke dooth seeme to take his ground Of that that was reherst before, and enters in the bound Of that that folowes after it, and every one gives light...
Page 143 - As soone as that she shone Most full of light, and did behold the earth with fulsome face, Medea with hir haire not trust so much as in a lace, But flaring on hir shoulders twaine, and barefoote, with hir gowne Ungirded, gate hir out of doores and wandred vp and downe Alone the dead time of the night.
Page 167 - A hurtfull Art. His owne two wings he waveth verie trim, And looketh backward still upon his sonnes. The fishermen Then standing angling by the Sea, and shepeherdes leaning then On sheepehookes, and the Ploughmen on the handles of their Plough, Beholding them, amazed were: and thought that they that through The Aire could flie were Gods. And now did on their left side stand The...
Page 135 - A warpe of white upon a frame of Thracia she did pin, And weaved purple letters in betweene it, which bewraide The wicked deede of Tereus. And having done, she praide A certaine woman by hir signes to beare them to hir mistresse. She bare them and delivered them not knowing nerethelesse 740 What was in them. The Tyrants wife unfolded all the clout, And of hir wretched fortune red the processe whole throughout.
Page 47 - While Phebus and his rechelesse sonne were entertalking this, Aeous, Aethon, Phlegon, and the firie Pyrois, The restlesse horses of the Sunne, began to ney so hie Wyth flaming breath, that all the heaven might heare them perfectly.
Page 144 - Through helpe of whom (the crooked bankes much wondring at the thing) I have compelled streames to run cleane backward to their spring. By charmes I make the calme Seas rough, and make y rough Seas plaine And cover all the Skie with Cloudes, and chase them thence againe.
Page 12 - Who for the sakes of mortall men created first the same. Moreover by the golden age what other thing is ment, Than Adams tyme in Paradyse, who beeing innocent Did lead a blist and happy lyfe untill that thurrough sin He fell from God? From which tyme foorth all sorrow did begin. The earth accursed for his sake, did never after more Yeeld foode without great toyle. Both heate and cold did vexe him sore. Disease of body, care of mynd, with hunger, thirst and neede, 475 Feare, hope, joy, greefe, and...
Page 178 - And Egges reare rosted. All these Cates in earthen dishes came. Then set they downe a graven cup made also of the same Selfe kinde of Plate, and Mazers made of Beech, whose inner syde Was rubd with yellow wax. And when they pawsed had a tyde, Whote meate came pyping from the fyre.

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