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This was one strange book. The plot would become confusing and twisted at times. I found myslef just skipping over acronyms just because they became to be more of a nusiance as you progress into the story. The setting and theme do create a pretty interesting story. The strange future of America, an almost Back to the Future II world when they go back to 1985 the first time and Biff runs everything. I felt like I was reading something from the minds of the creator of Ghost in the Shell.
However I did not like the books take on the whole speaking in tounges thing. Trying to say it was an old inherant ability from mesopotamia. When it began to really get into that I began to lose interest. If it hadn't distorted that and made it into some false thing I would have liked this a bit more.

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Marin Wyden - Goodreads

This isn't the first time I read Snow Crash. The last time, however, was twenty years ago when I was still the intended audience for YA novels. Normally I would have forgotten all about having read it ... Read full review

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Erin - Goodreads

It's definitely dated. The mythology infodumps felt shoehorned and forced. Stephenson doesn't quite do realistic female characters, though he certainly tries to make them badass, and I appreciate that ... Read full review

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Elaine - Goodreads

This was a slog to get through, and I only persisted because it's such a big name scifi/cyberpunk title. There was just so much infodumping -- which is intolerable when Hiro converses with the ... Read full review

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Rob Holliday - Goodreads

Neal Stephenson creates some of my favorite cyberpunk stories - his vision for a cyberpunk future and the cultural implications is second only to William Gibson, imho. This story was a dense read ... Read full review

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Susan Kornfeld - Goodreads

Cyberpunk meet Atwood (of Flood and Oryx and Crake). I couldn't finish the book but only because there were violent episodes described in too much detail. Flagrantly un-PC, crazy-interesting and crazy ... Read full review

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Terry Quirke - Goodreads

Having read Neal Stephensons later works, its interesting to go backwards and read one of his earlier books. The same abstract link between language, computing, philosophy, religion and a dozen other ... Read full review

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Ryan Manning - Goodreads

Okay I'd probably give this 2.5 stars if it were an option. It's an overall MEH factor and I think the hype about this book being in the top 25 Sci-Fi of all time helped overhype me beforehand. So ... Read full review

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Jackie - Goodreads

I read this book because my linguist friend said that I would love its theoretical base(s). However, he couldn't have known several things when providing the recommendation: 1) The book, which ... Read full review

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Phil - Goodreads

At first, I was like, this is silly/stupid, but then I was like, this isn't bad, and then I was like, hey, this is pretty great. But in the end, it was all of the above. A fun sort of nonsense ride. Read full review

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