The Conservation of Energy

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D. Appleton and Company, 1876 - Force and energy - 236 pages
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Page 158 - Oh ! o'er the eye death most exerts his might, And hurls the spirit from her throne of light ! Sinks those blue orbs in that long last eclipse, But spares, as yet, the charm around her...
Page 233 - FRS Spectrum Analysis. Prof. MICHAEL FOSTER, MD Protoplasm and the Cell Theory. H. CHARLTON BASTIAN, MD, FRS The Brain as an Organ of Mind. Prof. AC RAMSAY, LL.D., FRS Earth Sculpture: Hills, Valleys, Mountains, Plains. Rivers, Lakes; how they were Produced, and how they have been Destroyed. Prof.
Page 233 - ... list, from which it will be seen that the cooperation of the most distinguished professors in England, Germany, France, and the United States, has been secured, and negotiations are pending for contributions from other eminent scientific writers. The works will be issued in New York, London, Paris, Leipsic, Milan, and St. Petersburg. The INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC SERIES is entirely an American project, and was originated and organized by Dr. EL Youmans, who has spent much time in Europe, arranging...
Page 208 - When, as in pure feeling — pleasure or pain — we change to the subject attitude from the object attitude, we have undergone a change not to be expressed by place ; the fact is not properly described by the transition from the external to the internal, for that is still a change in the region of the extended. The only adequate expression is a change of state : a change from the state of the extended cognition to a state of unextended cognition.
Page 234 - Muscles and Nerves. Prof. JAMES D. DANA, MA, LL.D. On Cephalization ; or, Head-Characters in the Gradation and Progress of Life. Prof. SW JOHNSON, MA On the Nutrition of Plants. Prof. AUSTIN FLINT, Jr. MD The Nervous System and its Relation to the Bodily Functions. Prof.
Page 203 - From the ingress of a sensation, to the outgoing responses in action, the mental succession is not for an instant dissevered from a physical succession.
Page 234 - On Fermentations. Mons. FREIDEL. The Functions of Organic Chemistry. Mons. DEBRAY. Precious Metals. Prof. CORFIELD, MA, MD (Oxon.). Air in its Relation to Health. Prof. A. GIARD. General Embryology.
Page 209 - Asserting the union in the strongest manner, we must yet deprive it of the almost invincible association of union in place. An extended organism is the condition of our passing into a state where there is no extension. A human being is an extended and material thing, attached to which is the power of becoming alive to feeling and thought, the extreme remove from all that is material ; a condition of trance wherein, while it lasts, the material drops out of view — so much so, that we have not the...
Page 233 - CLIFFORD, MA The First Principles of the Exact Sciences explained to the Non-mathematical. Prof. TH HUXLEY, LL. D., FRS Bodily Motion and Consciousness. Dr. WB CARPENTER, LL. D., FRS The Physical Geography of the Sea. Prof. WILLIAM ODLING, FRS The Old Chemistry viewed from the New Stand-point. W. LAUDER LINDSAY, MD, FRSE Mind in the Lower Animals. Sir JOHN LUBBOCK, Bart., FRS On Ants and Bees. Prof. WT THISELTON DYER, BA, B. Sc. Form and Habit in Flowering Plants.
Page 234 - ... Prof. REES (University of Erlangen). On Parasitic Plants. Prof. STEINTHAL (University of Berlin). Outlines of the Science of Language. P. BERT (Professor of Physiology, Paris).

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