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With strong research and an academic approach, this book examines worldwide encounters with God with a refreshing lack of eurocentralism / western bias.

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Contrary to what the one star reviewer said about a lack of primary research, the author of this book began his journey researching numerous tribes around the world who have an oral tradition that includes a creator God from his own experiences of doing missionary work while raising his family among the Sawi tribe in the jungles of Irian Jaya. His experience among this headhunter/cannible tribe is an awesome story, wonderfully catalogued in the book Peace Child, which became well known through its Reader's Digest condensed version. If you want your faith increased and your eyes opened to how greatly God has prepared the people's of the world for the Gospel, you will not be disappointed when reading Eternity in Their Hearts. One additional thought ... Get a peek into Don's heart and writing skills by Googling: Do Missionaries Destroy Cultures  

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Another example of very poor research that plays to Christian sympathies.
Absolutely no primary sourcing of materials.
Add this one as well to the list of fiction.

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