A sketch of Chinese history, ancient and modern, Volume 2

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Page 107 - After causing it to be repeatedly perfumed with incense, in a ceremonious manner, he devoutly kissed it, and directed that the same should be done by all his nobles who were present. This was his usual practice upon each of the principal Christian festivals, such as Easter and Christmas ; and he observed the same at the festivals of the Saracens, Jews and idolaters.
Page 300 - ... came many shot, yet not any that touched so much as hull or rope ; whereupon not being able to endure their bravadoes any longer, each ship began to play furiously upon them with their broadsides ; and, after two or three hours, perceiving their cowardly fainting, the boats were landed with about one hundred men ; which sight occasioned them, with great distractions, instantly to abandon the castle and fly ; the boats...
Page 392 - Still, if they be allowed daily to increase in arrogance and insolence in a trifling with, and contempt of, the laws ; in indulging their irregular disposition to perverse refractoriness, and gradually going on to an increased exhibition of their pride and want of selfrestraint, what eventually will the appearance of things be?
Page 210 - With this object in view he caused them to be furnished with the golden tablet (or royal chop), which contained his order for their having free and safe conduct through every part of his dominions, with the needful supplies for themselves and their attendants. He likewise gave them authority to act in the capacity of his ambassadors to the pope, the kings of France and Spain, and the other Christian princes.
Page 108 - East in general were under an error in reverencing them as divinities. He moreover signified his pleasure that upon their return they should bring with them, from Jerusalem, some of the holy oil from the lamp which is kept burning over the sepulchre of our Lord Jesus Christ, whom he professed to hold in veneration and to consider as the true God.
Page 201 - It seems at that time to have been the port allotted to the Arabian merchants who came by sea ; and the travellers notice " many unjust dealings with the merchants who traded thither, which having gathered the force of a precedent, there was no grievance, no treatment so bad, but they exercised it upon the foreigners, and the masters of ships.
Page 119 - and during that time he had executed an herculean task. He was the first Catholic missionary who penetrated into the empire, and when he died, there were 'more than three hundred churches in the different provinces "\ It is true that Mr.
Page 105 - Kublai took his station in a large wooden castle, borne on the backs of four elephants, whose bodies were protected with coverings of thick leather hardened by fire, over which were housings of cloth of gold. The castle contained many cross-bowmen and archers, and on the top of it was hoisted the imperial standard, adorned with representations of the sun and moon.
Page 205 - They call it sah, and it is a shrub more bushy than the pome, granate-tree, and of a more taking smell, but it has a kind of bitterness with it. Their way is to boil water, which they pour upon this leaf, and this drink cures all sorts of diseases.
Page 300 - English ; insomuch that, in the night-time, they put forty-six of iron cast ordnance into the fort lying close to the brink of the river, each piece between six and seven hundred weight, and well proportioned ; and after the end of four days, having, as they thought, sufficiently fortified themselves, they discharged divers shot, though without hurt, upon one of the barges passing by them to find a convenient watering-place.

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