The Illustrated Sheffield List

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Edward Brookes, 1885 - Machinists - 461 pages

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This is not the 11/12th edition, printed in 1871, but a later edition from 1885 - the 1871 edition only has 138 numbered pages (double pages - images & descriptions) - this edition has over 455 pages...
Clarification is needed from the publisher, e.g. a full copy of the title page showing the date..
Various reprints of the 11/12th are available with 158, 200 and 260 pages.
The 15th edition dates from about 1892 and has a synopsis of the contents in Russian, Gujurati, Hindustani, Chinese & Japanese ... French, German or Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian languages,
This one is the 14th edition (see book details)...
Who is the publisher and what is the ISBN, as the Google links to Abe Books only takes you to the smaller (earlier) versions...
I want to buy THIS edition..

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Page 401 - ... to the same height, multiplied by the vessel's length, for a one, two, And three decked vessel, and for a spar-decked steam vessel.
Page 87 - To ascertain the size and number of Sheaves required to lift a given weight, divide the weight to be lifted by any weight in the above table ; the result will give the number of Sheaves and sizes of Blocks required. EXAMPLE. — If 60 cwt. is to be lifted, either of the following combinations will be suitable : — A pair of 3 and 3 Sheaves, J inch, at 10 cwt.
Page 93 - The main wheel on being reversed causes the load to descend at a moderate speed, and can be kept going by an occasional pull at the rope. If the load be allowed to run, it will gradually check itself until it stops If the rope is suddenly " let go " whilst lifting, the load will remain suspended just where it is. Prices of the "Despatch" and "Safety
Page 89 - The peculiar merit attached to these pulleys is that whilst they are more powerful than ordinary pulley blocks, they also possess the novel and invaluable quality of not " running down," under any circumstances, whilst the load is suspended to them. The action of these pulleys may be thus explained : — The upper block has a double sheaf of two different diameters, with teeth gearing into the endless chain which hangs from it in two loops, in either of which is placed the single block having a hook...
Page 211 - ... manufacturers, held at the Cutlers' Hall, Sheffield, on the 16th May, 1872, that the following list of prices be adopted by the trade from this date: % Flat, half-round, square, round, entering, taper colter, horse, shoe, flat, and half-mad rasps.
Page 89 - The pump and cistern can be detached from the ram, for action at any distance from the weight to be raised at an extra coat.
Page 143 - Punches require no skilled labour to use them, nor are they liable to break, or get out of repair. They are...

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