White Slavery in the Barbary States

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J. P. Jewett, 1853 - Human trafficking - 135 pages
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Ultimately the poorly paid working man or woman is a White Slave, Black Slave or any other color slave to the State, to the richest few people of that State and the global corporations. This is slavery today.

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Page 130 - O execrable son, so to aspire Above his brethren, to himself assuming Authority usurped, from God not given! He gave us only over beast, fish, fowl, Dominion absolute ; that right we hold By his donation; but man over men He made not lord, such title to himself Reserving, human left from human free. 1
Page 27 - And Othello, in recounting his perils, exposes this custom, when he speaks Of being taken by the insolent foe, And sold to slavery; of my redemption thence. It was also held lawful to enslave
Page 129 - Disguise thyself as thou wilt, still, Slavery! thou art a bitter draught! and though thousands in all ages have been made to drink of thee, thou art no less bitter on that account.
Page 14 - a miserable slave, I was perfectly overwhelmed ; and now I looked back upon my father's prophetic discourse to me, that I should be miserable, and have none to relieve me, which I thought was so effectually brought to pass, that I could not be worse.
Page 92 - which was regarded as the just doom of " Christian dogs," — it was expressly declared that " the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.
Page 107 - as the event of yesterday. To have been one of the humble instruments in the hands of divine Providence for bringing to reason a ferocious government, and destroying forever the insufferable and horrid system of Christian slavery, can never cease to be a source of delight and heartfelt comfort to every individual happy enough to be employed in it.
Page 91 - With peculiar satisfaction I add, that information has been received from an agent deputed on our part to Algiers, importing'; that the terms of the treaty with the Dey and regency of that country have been adjusted in such a manner as to authorize the expectation of a speedy peace, and the restoration of our unfortunate fellow-citizens from a grievous captivity.
Page 18 - which he is placed among the great names of Christendom. Princes and orators have lavished panegyrics upon this fugitive slave ; and the Catholic Church, in homage to his extraordinary virtues, has introduced him into the company of saints. Nor is he the only illustrious Frenchman who has felt the yoke of slavery.
Page 121 - by inhuman institutions as to be inaccessible to freedom. " And unto such of your slaves," says the Koran, in words worthy of adoption in the legislation of Christian countries, " as desire a written instrument, allowing them to redeem themselves on paying a certain sum, write one, if ye know good in them, and give them of the riches of God, which he hath given you.
Page 96 - that, in the event of future war between the two countries, prisoners should not be reduced to slavery, but should be exchanged rank for rank; and if there were any deficiency on either side, it should be made up by the payment of five hundred Spanish dollars for each captain, three hundred dollars for each mate and supercargo, and one hundred

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