A New Hindustani-English Dictionary: With Illustrations from Hindustani Literature and Folk-lore

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Printed at the Medical hall Press, 1879 - Dictionaries and encyclopedias - 1216 pages
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Page 250 - God ; the all-pervading, the divine cause and essence of the world from which all things are supposed to proceed and to which they return ; spirit, the very soul.
Page iii - The seclusion of native females in India has been the asylum of the true vernacular, as pure and simple as it is unaffected by the pedantries of word-makers. It is also the soil in which the mother-tongue has its most natural development.
Page 283 - Handsell" to be, " the first money received at market, which many superstitious people will spit on, either to render it tenacious that it may remain with them, and not vanish away like a fairy gift, or else to render it propitious and lucky, that it may draw more money toit.
Page 525 - They are suspended, by an iron hook passed through the skin of the back, to one end of a lever, which is raised on the top of a high pole, and whirled round by means of a rope fixed to the other end. This penance is...
Page 278 - A torch lighted at both ends and whirled round so as to form a double circle of fire ; a gymnastic feat which consists in whirling round a stick weighted at both ends. j? 5| bu, but, E. nf Cont. of Mi
Page 94 - ... many'al, nm 1. A horse with a white face, tail, breast, and hoofs. 2. A collection of eight lucky objects to be got together on occasion, as a lion, a bull, an elephant, a water-jar, a fan. a flag, a trumpet, and a lamp.
Page 486 - numbers,' which, generally speaking, comprise as many fields, or as much land as can be ploughed by a pair of bullocks, are shown by mounds of earth called bdndhs, at the corners of each ' number
Page 59 - E. nm 1. A man who spends half his time in one village, half in another, cultivating land in both. 2. A cultivator who assists in cultivating land, on condition of receiving half the crop. ^jU&j! WVIUK^ adhya'ri, nf A half-share; an eight-anna share. A !o( ad
Page 318 - Bajputs, is sometimes exchanged as a challenge. 2. A thong tied to the hilt of a sword by which it is retained in the scabbard; a sword-knot ; the hilt of a sword. 3. A quid of tobacco ; a cheroot or cigar.
Page vii - There is much to be learnt from many an otherwise objectionable quotation, if one is willing to learn. It is of the greatest importance, for instance, to know to what depths human nature can sink in the vitiated atmosphere of enforced female seclusion as contrasted with the purity to which men and women rise as social restraints are withdrawn, and they are permitted to breathe the pure air of liberty and indulge in free social intercourse.

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