A Selection from the Minor Poems of Dan John Lydgate, Volume 2

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Percy Society, 1840 - English poetry - 271 pages
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Page 103 - To London once my stepps I bent, Where trouth in no wyse should be faynt, To Westmynster-ward I forthwith went, To a man of law to make complaynt, I sayd, " for Marys love, that holy saynt ! Pity the poore that wold proceede ;" But for lack of mony I cold not spede.
Page 105 - Then unto London I dyd me hye, Of all the land it beareth the pryse: Hot pescodes, one began to crye, Strabery rype, and cherryes in the ryse...
Page 176 - It is here used ironically. Trench refers us to Lydgate's Minor Poems, ed. Halliwell, p. 176: — ' And Catoun seith, is noon so greet encress Of wordly tresour, as for to live in pees, Which among vertues hath the vasselage?
Page 103 - But for lack of mony I cold not spede. And as I thrust the prese amonge, By froward chaunce my hood was gone, Yet for all that I stayd not longe, Tyll to the kyngs bench I was come.
Page 105 - But for lack of mony I myght not spede. Then to the Chepe I began me drawne, Where mutch people I saw for to stande ; One ofred me velvet, sylke, and lawne, An other he taketh me by the hande, " Here is Parys thred, the fynest in the land ;" I never was used to such thyngs indede, And wantyng mony I myght not spede.
Page 106 - Then I hyed me into Est-Chepe ; One cryes rybbs of befe, and many a pye : Pewter pottes they clattered on a heape ; There was harpe, pype, and mynstralsye. ' Yea, by cock ! nay, by cock...
Page 48 - Yeveth example hornes to cast away. Grettest of vertues ys humylyte, As Salamon seith, sonne of sapyence, Most was accepted onto the Deyte, Taketh heed herof, yevethe to his wordis credence, How Maria, whiche hadde a premynence Above alle women, in Bedlem whan she lay, At Crystys birthe no cloth of gret dispence, She wered a kovercheef, homes wer cast away.
Page 107 - Then I convayd me into Kent, For of the law wold I meddle no more; Because no man to me tooke entent, I dyght me to do as I dyd before. Now Jesus, that in Bethlem was bore, no Save London, and send trew lawyers there mede!
Page 104 - I gat not a mum of his mouth for my meed, And for lack of mony I myght not spede.
Page 132 - And his wife teche and chastise, That she dare nat a worde gayn-seyn, Nor disobeye in no manner wise ; Of suche a man I can devise, He stant under protectioune, From Bycornes jurisdiccioune.

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