Annual of Scientific Discovery: or, Year-book of Facts in Science and Art for 1857

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This is perfect Physics !!!
Finally someone else knows what the world and the universe is all about !!!
I am so happy to finally see these facts of physics presented to the world!!!
Randy Holmes-Aurthor of book Aether-Light "The Fact of Everything". 

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Page 398 - STRENGTH AND OTHER PROPERTIES OF METALS; Reports of Experiments on the Strength and other Properties of Metals for Cannon. With a Description of the Machines for Testing Metals, and of the Classification of Cannon in service. By Officers of the Ordnance Department, US Army. By authority of the Secretary of War. Illustrated by 25 large steel plates. Quarto . $10.00 SULLIVAN. — Protection to Native Industry. By Sir EDWARD SULLIVAN, Baronet, author of " Ten Chapters on Social Reforms.
Page xvi - ... other plants, adapted to the latitude and climate of the State of Maryland, and cause to be carefully noticed upon the records of said institution the character of said experiments, the kind of soil upon which they were undertaken, the system of cultivation adopted, the state of the atmosphere and...
Page 173 - They were all made up of rings, or short hollow cylinders, welded together endwise ; each ring was made of bars wound upon an arbor spirally, like winding a ribbon upon a block, and, being welded and shaped in dies, were joined endwise when in the furnace at a welding heat, and afterwards pressed together in a mould by a hydrostatic press of one thousand tons
Page 398 - Gift of the State of New York. 13034, 0. 5. Sixth annual report of the Regents of the University of the State of New York on the condition of the State Cabinet of Natural History, &o.
Page 357 - Teredo, or ship-worm, by order of the Bureau of Yards and Docks. In order to ascertain the best composition for resisting the attacks of the teredo upon wood he painted a number of blocks and boxes with various compounds — some he left unprepared, and some partly painted — and sunk them in Elizabeth river at Norfolk, Va,, in the month of April.
Page 406 - THE LANDING AT CAPE ANNE; or, THE CHARTER OF THE FIRST PERMANENT COLONY ON THE TERRITORY OF THE MASSACHUSETTS COMPANY. Now discovered, and first published from the ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT, with an inquiry into its authority, and a HISTORY OF THE COLONY, 1624-1628, Roger Conant, Governor. By J. WINGATE THORNTON. 8vo, cloth 2.50. Of " A rare contribution to the early history of New England.
Page 255 - I prefer that it should not hold less than one, or more than five tons, of fluid iron at each charge. The vessel should be placed so near to the discharge hole of the blast furnace as to allow the iron to flow along a gutter into it ; a small blast cylinder will be required capable of compressing air to about 81bs.
Page 255 - I set out with the assumption that crude iron contains about 5 per cent, of carbon ; that carbon cannot exist at a white heat in the presence of oxygen without uniting therewith and producing combustion ; that such combustion would proceed with a rapidity dependent on the amount of surface of carbon exposed ; and, lastly, that the temperature which the metal would acquire would be also dependent on the rapidity with which the oxygen and carbon were made to combine...
Page 393 - A communication from Professor Henry of Washington having been read, containing a proposal for the publication of a catalogue of philosophical memoirs scattered throughout the Transactions of Societies in Europe and America, with the offer of co-operation on the part of the Smithsonian Institution, to the extent of preparing and publishing in accordance with the general plan which might be adopted by the British Association, a catalogue of all the American memoirs on physical science, — the Committee...
Page 406 - The work has already become one of standard authority, both in this country and in Great Britain.

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