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Page 144 - Nor would he suffer his own wound to be examined till every man who had been previously wounded was properly attended to. Fully believing that the wound was mortal, and that he was about to die, as he had ever desired, in...
Page 181 - I shall live to get out of this most cursed of all situations, and most repugnant to my feelings. How I long to kick those whom my public duty obliges me to court!
Page xxix - Majesty's pardon for troubling you on one other point, and taking the liberty of most respectfully, but explicitly, submitting to your Majesty the indispensable necessity of effectually discountenancing, in the whole of the interval, all attempts to make use of your Majesty's name, or to influence the opinion of any individual, or descriptions of men, on any part of this subject.
Page 175 - No man can say, that, in the present state of things, and while Ireland remains a separate kingdom, full concessions could be made to the catholics, without endangering the state, and shaking the constitution of Ireland to its centre.
Page xxvii - Church, and the security of the Constitution and Government, might be effectually strengthened by requiring the political test, before referred to, from the preachers of all Catholic or Dissenting congregations, and from the teachers of schools of every denomination. It is on these principles Mr. Pitt humbly conceives a new security might be obtained for the civil and ecclesiastical Constitution of this country, more applicable to the present circumstances, more free from objection, and more effectual...
Page 420 - And what is the nature of the times in which we live ? Look at France, and see what we have to cope with, and consider what has made her what she is. A man...
Page 417 - I do not like thee. Dr. Fell, The reason why I cannot tell ; But this, I'm sure, I know full well, I do not like thee. Dr. Fell.
Page 8 - The truth is, I hate the very name of England ; I hated her before my exile, I hate her since, and I will hate her always.
Page 213 - As a sincere lover of peace,' he said, 'I cannot be content with its nominal attainment; I must be desirous of pursuing that system which promises to attain in the end the permanent enjoyment of its blessings for this country and for Europe. As a sincere lover of peace...
Page xxxiii - Pitt of keeping perfectly silent on the subject whereon we entirely differ, provided on his part he kept off from any disquisition on it for the present, which was the main object of the letter I wrote to him on Sunday, we both understood our present line of conduct ; but as I unfortunately find Mr. Pitt does not draw the same conclusion. I must come to the unpleasant decision, as it will deprive me of his political service, of acquainting him that, rather than forego what I look on as my duty, I...

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