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This is 2007 of the 21st Century and I want to write this review about Beyonce. My philosophy is that if you see something that you admire and want that something, gain the knowledge, skills and competency to have that something. Without abridging privacy policy and laws. People do not want everything they admire. It is obvious that Ms. Beyonce has gained the knowledge, skills and competency of what she admires and it has manifested in her career. I am a Ph.D with emphasis in speech communication and wrote my dissertation on nonverbal communication, graduated from the University of MN 1980 and previous to getting there was magna cum laude. I do not follow stars and entertainment is not my career area, however I noticed the impecable nonverbals of Ms. Beyonce. Her nonverbals symbolically remind me of Tina Turner and Diana Ross. Allow me to review Beyonce and three of the five categories of nonverbal communication. Nonverbal-Objects: Her nonverbal-objects of stage performance are of the highest quality that I have observed in this 2007 of the 21st. Her stage props, stage dress and stage performance is congruent to the lyrics of the song, ambiance of the set and mood of the music. She is not just diverse in her selections (remember, competency is when it has become a way of life and nonverbal objects have with Beyonce) She conveys an assuredness that multiculturalism is respected and has earned its place in her career. Her range of dress can be described as this: she wears leotards like a dancer in Dance Theatre of Harlem with sophistication, grace and polish and an evening gown like the Queen of Africa-America I have never paid anyone that high of a compliment, however I did not need to think of Africa to write Queen of Africa- America nor of America to write Queen of Africa-America because Beyonce has "put it together"! (I can hear my biological father's voice, Mr. Mills Sanders Jr., when I write that quoted phrase and when he said it, it meant something. Nonverbal-Proxemics: Beyonce's nonverbal-proxemics of stage performance are so well calculated that she moves in horizontal and vertical space like she commands the vapor of the atmosphere. She also commands the atmospheric-composition of what is before and after the vapor. When an entertainer like Beyonce leaves a performance-vapor a congruent-impact has occurred that cannot be contained in confined proxemics. Nonverbal-Kinesics: Beyonce's nonverbal kinesics are very very impressive. Beyonce steps-a-step(s) of kinesic movement in her yellow and black bee outfit, dancing on the elevated slanted staircase, not missing a beat and if she did, it was so quickly tranformed it was something new! Her body movements and gestures remind you of the "click, click" of the camera that she just sang about moving percisionally into the upcoming song where she cathardically sings "listen"! You do not realize until reflecting later that she was commanding and instructing someone. However deductive reasoning leads you to the conclusion that you would rather bee listening to a competent Queen of Africa-America rather than a killer bee composition. Although I am not very into the entertainment world I have observed one of the Queens of Africa-America's Entertainment. 

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