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Page 37 - London, 1648. The Copy of a Letter sent from a person of much Honour and Reason, accidentally present at that hot encounter betwixt the Forces under the Command of the Lord Goring, Earle of Norwich, and Sir Charles Lucas of the Royall Party, And those under the Command of the Lord Fairfax of the Parliament's Party, on the 13.
Page 38 - One Volume of Charters relating to Colchester. 721 A Volume of Original Deeds relating to the parish of All Saints, Colchester, from the Reign of Henry V. to the Restoration. 722 A Collection of Original Letters from several great and illustrious Personages, addressed to the Bailiffs and Mayors of Colchester ; from the beginning of the reign of Queen Elizabeth to the restoration of Charles II. Three Volumes. This Collection contains Original Letters from Oliver Cromwell, the Earl of Essex, and many...
Page 37 - Tune, in the Suburbs of Colchester. Printed in the yeare, 1648. The Remonstrance and Declaration of the Knights, Esquires, Gentlemen, and Freeholders in Colchester, now in Armes for the King and Kingdome. Printed in the yeere 1648. A Choak-Peare for the Parliament. Printed at Colechester, in the year 1648.
Page 16 - Size, 9^- in. high, with pedestal. 255. Jupiter Conservator. This graceful bronze figure was discovered near Mr. Vint's residence at St. Mary's Lodge, Colchester, in 1844. Sir Richard Westmacott thus describes it : " The attitude of this bronze is simple and dignified ; the pallium thrown gracefully over the shoulders, hangs over the left arm, the hand of which doubtless held a sceptre ; in the right hand is a thunderbolt ; the head is designed and treated with the grandeur of manner which the type...
Page 12 - ... President, in the Chair. The following objects of interest were exhibited : — By Dr. Bailey. A well-executed photograph of the " Colchester Sphinx," an interesting relic of the Roman occupation in Britain, which was discovered in 1821, while digging the foundations of the Essex and Colchester Hospital. It represents the Theban Sphinx seated over the mangled remains of one of its human victims. The upper half of the monster is that of a woman, the parts being beautifully formed. Instead of hands...
Page 18 - Colchester ; size, 1^ in. high. Presented by F. Smythies, Esq. 271 Gold Coin of Arcadius, found at Colchester. Presented by Charles Gray Round, Esq., Birch Hall, to the Essex Archaeological Society. 272 Second Brass Coin of Nero. Presented by WA Warwick, Esq., to the EAS 273 Large Brass Coin of Claudius. Presented by...
Page 47 - Colchester Vase." No. 169. Fig. 4. Small Vase or Drinking Cup, of black ware, ornamented with white pellets, &c. No. 176. Fig. 5. Small Bottle without projecting handle, of cream-coloured ware, ornamented with a face (or mask) at the top, and with circles of brown paint running round the bottle. No. 728. Fig. 6. An Amphora, of reddish clay, ornamented with scrolls of white laid on in slip. No. 173.
Page 39 - Pollexfen. 730 Small Vase of Common Ware 4f inches high, and a Lachrymatory, injured by fire ; found on September 27th, 1860, in West Terrace. Presented to the Essex Archaeological Society by HW Hayward, Esq. 731 Fragments of a Roman Bronze Patera; found at Heybridge, Essex ; and presented to the Essex Archaeological Society by — Bentall, Esq. 732 Twenty-eight Roman and English Coins. Presented to the Essex Archaeological Society by Miss Craven. 733 Ten Bronze Rings, found at Colchester; fragments...
Page 19 - Society. 287 Bronze Medal of William Pitt ; reverse : " Patrise Columen Decus." Conservative Medal of the County of Essex. Presented by John Taylor, Esq. 288 A Half-crown and a Shilling of William III.; a portion of eighty ounces of Silver Coin, found in the back of a chimney in Tombland, Norwich, July, 1846 ; productions of the Norwich mint, as indicated by the letter N under the King's bust.
Page 40 - V, fig. 4.) 736 Seven richly painted Fruit Trenchers of the time of Queen Elizabeth. Presented to the Essex Archaeological Society by Cornelius Butler, Esq.* 737 " Collections for Essex." A folio volume of original drawings and manuscript descriptions of numerous places and objects in Essex, with heraldic shields, pedigrees, &c., by John Nicholl, Esq. Presented by the Compiler to the Essex Archaeological Society. THE END.

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