Eleven years' residence in the family of Murat, king of Naples

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Page 90 - I am much obliged to you for the interest which you take in my concerns.
Page 23 - ... worked by springs, through which the plates and dishes were removed and sent up. ' The King . . . one morning, at a breakfast in the pavilion, surprised and amused his guests, among whom were some of the English nobility, by having a pair of dwarfs served as the middle dish at the dessert. They came up through the aperture in the table, resting quietly in their china car ; and when safely landed, they rose up, and lightly tripping along the table, presented an offering of flowers to the royal...
Page 28 - she replied, that to her children we were a treasure, from the affection we evinced towards them, and the unceasing care we took of them; and that she relied with the greatest confidence upon our fidelity to herself and family. Such an opinion was highly gratifying.
Page 43 - ... ever received. Thus engrossed with cares for their present safety, and fears for their future fate, I neglected to take precautions myself against the overpowering dampness of the place ; it occasioned a disease which I have since had the grief of finding incurable : the muscles of my neck became so contracted, as to render me for the future unable to support my head without the assistance of my hands.
Page 5 - Piazza was inftantly full of armed men, and the Colleges were obliged to do that by fear, which they would not come into when they were petitioned. In the mean time, the Captains of the parties had...
Page 35 - Naples, which is considered to be one of the strongest places in Europe, and the best able to resist an attack in case Naples should be invaded.

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