Wylder's Hand: A Novel

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Carleton, 1865 - Irish fiction - 480 pages

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Page 172 - To clear this doubt, to know the world by sight, To find if books, or swains, report it right, (For yet by swains alone the world he knew, Whose feet came...
Page 172 - But if a stone the gentle sea divide, Swift ruffling circles curl on every side, And glimmering fragments of a broken sun, Banks, trees, and skies, in thick disorder run.
Page 275 - Bastable left the map with him, and they walked away to the spot where he had found the iron the day before. Bayliss was not a man to let the grass grow under his feet when the chance, long wished for, came at length.
Page 288 - A negro came to me, a black clergyman with white eyes, and remained beside me; and the angels imprisoned Mark; they put him on duty forty days and forty nights, with his ear to the river listening for voices; and when it was over we blessed them; and the clergyman walked with me a long while...
Page 160 - I am very much obliged to you for all the trouble you have taken on my daughter's account. But you are his friend, and I can speak to you much more fully and frankly than I could to him.
Page 288 - He has had a great tour to make. It is nearly accomplished now; when it is done, he will be like me, humano major. He has seen the places which you are yet to see.' " 'Nothing I should like better; particularly Italy,
Page 161 - Hall," there cannot be anything r?ry serious weighing upon his spirits. My business will detain me here, I rather think, three days longer." By return of post Lord Chelford wrote to Stanley Lake : — " I am so very much obliged to you for all the trouble you have taken. The measures which you have adopted are, I think, most judicious; and I should not wish, on consideration, to speak to any official person. I think it better to trust entirely to the means you have already employed. Like you, I do...
Page 455 - In this livid hand, rising from the earth, there was a character both of menace and appeal; and on the finger, as I afterwards saw at the inquest, glimmered the talismanic legend "Resurgam— I will rise again!
Page 480 - The song ceased. The gondola which bore the musicians floated by — a slender hand over the gunwale trailed its fingers in the water. Unseen, I saw. Rachel and Dorcas, beautiful in the sad moonlight, passed so near we could have spoken — passed me like spirits — never more it may be, to cross my sight in life.
Page 480 - Everyone knows something of the enchantment of the Italian moon, the expanse of dark and flashing blue, and the phantasmal city rising like a beautiful spirit from the waters. Gliding near the Lido — where so many rings of Doges lie lost beneath the waves— I heard the pleasant sound of female voices upon the water — and then, with a sudden glory, rose a sad, wild hymn, like the musical wail of the forsaken sea : — " The spouseless Adriatic mourns her lord.

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