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Did you ever see a beautiful picture of some place that takes your breath away and you know instantly that you want to visit or maybe even live there? Well after reading Jody Seay’s novel “The Second Coming of Curly Red”, I knew I wanted to move to Reliance, Oregon. I wanted to meet and become friends with these amazing people who live their lives just like ordinary people all over the world, EXCEPT, they are welcoming, non-judgmental, accepting, and loving and it’s hard to find all those things anywhere in the world today.
Ms. Seay has an extraordinary gift with words, and these words pull on our senses and emotions, so that you feel a part of the picture she is creating. She can string her words together and you can almost smell the pies Jimmy and Lou are baking. You can even feel a little embarrassed to be witnessing the “love” apparent with these 2 sweethearts, who just happen to be what’s considered a little “over the hill”.
I wanted to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with Cory and Leigh, and hope the baby comes early, so I can be there to witness the new life beginning, knowing 2 people couldn’t be better parents, because they are 2 of kindest, gentlest people on earth.
There are some characters of this town that I won’t mention, but you’ll get emotional about them too, “furious” was my emotion, but I’ve got a “bit” of a temper, you’ll recognize who I’m talking about . Others will remind you of someone you know, others will be someone you want to know. The children of Reliance , especially little Jenny will help you remember to be more like children in your relationships. Be willing to believe, imagine, love and accept the world we live in, and Jody helps us remember this.
Five stars, thumbs up, A+…..

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