The Odyssey of Homer, Volumes 1-2

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Page 102 - Argos-queller flew, And lighting on Pieria, from the sky Plunged downward to the deep, and skimmed its face Like hovering sea-mew, that on the broad gulfs Of the unfruitful ocean seeks her prey, And often dips her pinions in the brine. So Hermes flew along the waste of waves.
Page 245 - I spake. Achilles quickly answered me : — " Noble Ulysses, speak not thus of death. As if thou wouldst console me. I would be A laborer on earth, and serve for hire Some man of mean estate, who makes scant cheer, Rather than reign o'er all who have gone down To death.
Page 131 - Washed the salt spray of ocean from his back *?, And his broad shoulders in the flowing stream, And wiped away the sea-froth from his brows. And when the bath was over, and his limbs Had been anointed, and he had put on The garments sent him by the spotless maid, **> Jove's daughter, Pallas, caused him to appear Of statelier size and more majestic mien, And bade the locks that crowned his head flow down, Curling like blossoms of the hyacinth.
Page 210 - She led them in and seated them on thrones. Then mingling for them Pramnian wine with cheese, Meal, and fresh honey, and infusing drugs Into the mixture, — drugs which made them lose The memory of their home, — she handed them The beverage and they drank. Then instantly She touched them with a wand, and shut them up In sties, transformed to swine in head and voice, Bristles and shape, though still the human mind Remained to them.
Page 111 - A skin of dark red wine she put on board, A larger one of water, and for food A basket, stored with viands such as please The appetite. A friendly wind and soft She sent before. The great Ulysses spread His canvas joyfully to catch the breeze, And sat and guided with nice care the helm, Gazing with fixed eye on the Pleiades...
Page 102 - He spake ; the herald Argicide obeyed, And hastily beneath his feet he bound The fair, ambrosial, golden sandals, worn To bear him over ocean like the wind. And o'er the boundless land. His wand he took, Wherewith he softly seals the eyes of men, And opens them at will from sleep. With this In hand, the mighty Argos-queller flew, And lighting on Pieria, from the sky Plunged downward to the deep, and skimmed its face Like hovering sea-mew, that on the broad gulfs Of the unfruitful ocean seeks her...
Page 121 - Nausithoiis, led them to a new abode, And planted them in Scheria, far away From plotting neighbors. With a wall he fenced " Their city, built them dwellings there, and reared Fanes to the gods, and changed the plain to fields. But he had bowed to death, and had gone down To Hades, and Alcinoiis, whom the gods Endowed with wisdom, governed in his stead.
Page 139 - In thy tall palace on thy native soil." The blue-eyed Pallas, having spoken thus, Departed o'er the barren deep. She left The pleasant isle of Scheria, and repaired To Marathon and to the spacious streets 95 Of Athens, entering there the massive halls Where dwelt Erectheus, while Ulysses toward The gorgeous palace of Alcinoiis turned His steps, yet stopped and pondered ere he crossed The threshold.
Page 141 - Were grapes unripened yet, which just had cast The flower, and others still which just began To redden. At the garden's furthest bound Were beds of many plants that all the year Bore flowers.
Page 87 - ... And prone to deeds of wrong, since no one now Remembers the divine Ulysses more Among the people over whom he ruled, Benignly, like a father. Still he lies, Weighed down by many sorrows, in the isle And dwelling of Calypso, who so long Constrains his stay. To his dear native land Depart he cannot ; ship, arrayed with oars, And seamen has he none, to bear him o'er The breast of the broad ocean. Nay, even now, Against his well-beloved son a plot Is laid, to slay him as he journeys home From Pylos...

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