American Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 47

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Philadelphia College of Pharmacy., 1875 - Pharmacology
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Page 93 - Provost and Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine and of Clinical Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania.
Page 576 - Medicinal Plants: being descriptions, with original Figures, of the Principal Plants employed in Medicine, and an account of their Properties and Uses.
Page 163 - It exerts the full therapeutic influence of sulphate of quinine, in the same doses, without oppressing the stomach or creating nausea. It does not produce cerebral distress, as sulphate of quinine is apt to do, and in the large number of cases in which it has been tried, it has been found to produce much less constitutional disturbance.
Page 161 - If the process is skilfully conducted, or exhaustive in its results, there remains, beside the solution, a portion of woody fibre, inert and almost tasteless. It holds considerable coloring and some waxy matter, together with a little tannin; but the active chemical or medicinal principles have been removed, and are held in the dark liquid. The exhausted bark is not entirely worthless, for it may be dried and used as fuel. But what of the dark liquid ? From this the chemist obtains...
Page 234 - ... the making or preparing the same, or has or claims to have any exclusive right or title to the making or preparing the same, or which are prepared, uttered, vended, or exposed for sale under any letters patent, or...
Page 162 - Besides, it is apt to produce disturbance of the gastric functions of an unpleasant character. Acting upon the idea that the natural alkaloidal principles of bark, in their simple, unchanged condition, separated from the gross, woody, and other matters, would better subserve all therapeutical ends than the barks themselves, or any one of the alkaloids separately employed, cincho-quinine has been prepared. Cincho-quinine contains no external agents, as sugar, licorice, starch, magnesia, etc. It is...
Page 234 - ... occult secret, or art for the making or preparing the same, or has or claims to have any exclusive right or title to the making or preparing the...
Page 235 - The Histology and Histo-Chemistry of Man. A Treatise on the Elements of Composition and Structure of the Human Body. By HEINRICH FREY, Professor of Medicine in Zurich.
Page 161 - The chemical manipulation of the Cinchona or Peruvian barks reveals the presence in them of quite a number of most remarkable, complex bodies. No vegetable production, except the poppy, affords such a marvellous combination of valuable medicinal principles as the loxa and calisaya barks, and no substances have been studied with greater care or more intense interest by chemists. Nothing short of the subtle chemical forces controlled by the Infinite One could construct from the elements of the earth...
Page 236 - Outlines of Proximate Organic Analysis, for the Identification, Separation, and Quantitative Determination of the more commonly occurring Organic Compounds.

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