A Calendar of Leading Experiments

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Franklin, MacNutt and Charles, 1918 - Physics - 210 pages
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Page 140 - The only alternative is to place the student under the instruction of Jules Verne, where he need not trouble himself about foundations, but may follow his teacher pleasantly on a care-free trip to the moon or with easy improvidence embark on a voyage of twenty thousand leagues under the sea.
Page 140 - We continually force upon the extremely meager data obtained directly through our senses, an interpretation which, in its complexity and penetration, would seem to be entirely incommensurate with the data themselves, and we exercise over physical things a kind of rational control which greatly transcends the native cunning of the hand. The possibility of. this forced interpretation and of this rational control depends upon the use of two complexes: (a) A logical structure, that is to say, a body...
Page 158 - ... crowns the other, are equally of the gold of fairy-tales. In the middle of the wildest fields the most rustic child is, ten to one, playing at steam-engines. And the Only spiritual or philosophical objection to steamengines is not that men pay for them or work at them, or make them very ugly, or even that men are killed by them; but merely that men do not play at them. The evil is that the childish poetry of clockwork does not remain. The wrong is not that engines are too much admired, but that...
Page 22 - CENTER OF GRAVITY: The center of gravity of a body is the point of application of the resultant of all the weight forces in the body for any position of the body.
Page 22 - ... say, the material of the stick seems to be concentrated between thumb and finger (at the center of mass of the stick) ; but if one twirls the stick even to a very slight extent it no longer feels like a piece of lead between thumb and finger ! This experiment must be actually tried to be appreciated. The center of mass...
Page 203 - ... elementary alternating-current theory, where current values are supposed to rise and fall simultaneously throughout an entire circuit. The formation of a long arc between line wires in air, and the quick snapping out of such an arc, is the only case known to the writer where an electric wave disturbance can be produced by opening the circuit of a transmission line of moderate length, and the essential features of this case are shown in Fig. 17. Imagine the system to be short-circuited by an arc...
Page 163 - Section of the Western Society of Engineers and the Chicago Section of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.
Page 50 - A cart moves due northwards at a velocity of 11 feet per second. A man pushes downwards on the cart with a force of 200 pounds and a mule pulls northwards on the cart with a force of 50 pounds. At what rate does the man do work and at what rate does the mule do work ? ' ' Forty-four per cent, of the class found that the man was developing four horse-power and the mule one horse-power!
Page iv - The authors are teachers, and they consider teaching to be the greatest of fun ; but they never yet have been helped in their work by anything they have ever read concerning their profession.
Page 164 - Its rectangular beatitudes, and spherical benevolences, — theology of universal indulgence, and jurisprudence which will hang no rogues, mean, one and all of them, in the root, incapacity of discerning, or refusal to discern, worth and unworth in anything, and least of all in man ; whereas Nature and Heaven command you, at your peril, to discern worth from unworth in everything, and most of all in man. Your main problem is that ancient and trite one, " Who is best man ? " and the Fates forgive...

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