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Page 221 - If any person shall wilfully procure or attempt to procure himself to be registered under this Act, by making or producing, or causing to be made or produced, any false or fraudulent representation or declaration...
Page 13 - Governor General of British North America, and Captain General and Governor in Chief in and over the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Island of Prince Edward, and Vice- Admiral of the same, &c. &c. &c. MAY IT PLEASE YOUR EXCELLENCY...
Page 297 - After the conviction of any person for any indictable offence the court before which the trial takes place may, either during the sitting or afterwards, give leave to the person convicted to apply to the court of appeal for a new trial on the ground that the verdict was against the weight of evidence, 2. The court of appeal may, upon hearing such motion, direct a new trial if it thinks fit.
Page 265 - ... without a second thought. Moreover, the pain is transient, as well as slight ; and, as a matter of fact, pales into insignificance before the severe and lasting torture inflicted, as a matter of every-day occurrence, by animals upon each other when left to wear in confinement their weapons of...
Page 375 - ... in the Committee that my objections might be removed, I would not divide the House in this stage. But I am so fully convinced that no alteration which would not seem insupportable to my honorable and learned friend, could render his measure supportable to me, that I must move, though with regret, that this bill be read a second time this day six months.
Page 298 - ... (2.) That the Judge admitted improper evidence, or rejected evidence which ought to have been admitted. (3.) When the damages are excessive or too small. (4.) That the verdict has been obtained by unfair or improper practice of the successful party to the prejudice of the opposite party.
Page 381 - And it is this class of Chinese who have already driven us out of the Northern Territory of Australia, and whose unrestricted entry into the other colonies we must prevent at all hazards. We cannot compete with Chinese; we cannot intermix or marry with them ; they are aliens in language, thought, and customs ; they are working animals of low grade but great vitality. The Chinese is temperate, frugal, hard-working, and lawevading, if...
Page 346 - I do not feel that it is necessary for me to take up the time of the committee...
Page 275 - At half-past four in the morning the House divided on the question, " that the words proposed to be omitted stand part of the address.
Page 112 - ... provided that if any person shall state upon oath before the coroner that in his or her belief the death of the deceased individual was caused partly or entirely by the improper or negligent treatment of any medical practitioner or other person, such medical practitioner or other person shall not be allowed to perform or assist at the postmortem examination of the deceased.

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