The history of the temple of Jerusalem: tr. from the MS. of Jalal-addn [or rather Shams al-Dn] al St, with notes and diss., by J. Reynolds

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Page 548 - gifts of oblation; and, by the intercession of the blessed George the martyr, cleanse us thereby from the contamination of our sins, through Jesus Christ our Lord." At the Post-Communion :—" Supplices te rogamus, omnipotens Deus, ut quos tuis reficis sacramentis, intercedente beato Georgio martyre tuo, tibi etiam placitis moribus dignanter
Page 503 - Jobbai could return no other answer than that God prolonged his life, to give him an opportunity of obtaining the highest degree of perfection which was best for him. But Al Ashari demanding further, why he did not for the same reason grant the other a longer life, to whom it would have been equally advantageous, Al
Page 511 - of Abraham, the other that of Sarah. In the body of the church, between two large pillars to the right, is seen a small recess, in which is the sepulchre of Isaac, and in a similar one,
Page 511 - the left, that of his wife. On the opposite side of the court is a vestibule containing two rooms, in which are the sepulchres of Jacob and his spouse. At the extremity of the portico, to the right, is a door which leads to a long gallery, which is still a mosque. Passing thence, we observe another room, containing the
Page 511 - leading to a long gallery, to which the entrance is by a small court. Towards the left is a portico, resting upon small pillars. The vestibule of the Temple contains two rooms; one supposed to be the
Page 512 - counted nine on the sepulchre of Abraham, one above the other. The rooms which contain the sepulchres are covered with rich carpets; the entrances are guarded by iron gates and wooden doors plated with silver, having bolts and padlocks of the same. More than one hundred persons are here employed in the care of the buildings, &c. &c. Page
Page 161 - wrote to Omar, Commander of the Faithful (with whom may God rest satisfied!),—" In the name of God, the merciful and compassionate! To the servant of God, Omar, the Commander of the Faithful, from AbuUbaidah-Ibn-Al-Jirah, health be upon thee! I praise
Page 407 - and the Iron Gate, (this is outside, near the Gate of Paradise, hard by the " Bucket of Ancyra"). This city, then, Dimashk built; and here all the servants joined, and built a church to worship God in. Some say, however, that this church was built by the Greeks; for
Page 177 - (with whom may God be satisfied!) arrived with Kaab; to whom Omar said, O Abu Ishak ! make me to know the place of the Sakhra (the Rock). Then he said, Measure out one cubit on each side of the wall which is nearest to the Valley of Hinnom ; then dig, and thou shalt find it. Thus said he.
Page 415 - struck him fifty blows with a whip, saying, Am I then incapable of effecting this ? The man replied, Certainly. Then he said, I will, then, find out a way to know the truth. Bring forth all the gold thou hast; which he did; and Al

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