Report on the Geology of Clinton County [New York]

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1895 - Geology - 75 pages
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Page 565 - A FEET 1 Iron gray, fine grained dolomitic limestone, in beds one or two feet in thickness, weathering drab with fine yellowish streaks at right angles to plane of bedding; containing Orthis costalis and crinoidal fragments...
Page 566 - ... 5 Fine grained, massive limestone containing Scalites angulatus, Raphistoma and fragments of trilobites. . . 25 FEET 6 Impure limestone, abounding in Orthis 10 7 Measures concealed 25 8 Massive, gray limestone, largely made up of crinoidal remains, having red spots in a stratum about 10 feet from the top; abounding near the middle of the strata with gastropods.
Page 567 - ... grained compact limestone somewhat impure, having a mottled aspect when weathered, containing several undetermined species of Murchisonia, Orthoceras and usually enveloped in Strephochetus 2 7 Iron gray dolomite I 8 Blackish, impure limestone, abounding in...
Page 566 - C 1 Dark, iron gray, dolomite, weathering yellowish I 2 Blue, compact, fine grained, pure, limestone, containing fine lines of calcite 6 3 Dove colored, compact, brittle, perfectly pure limestone containing small nodules of calcite 5 4 Iron gray dolomite 3% 5 Like no.
Page 566 - M aclureamagna 5o 2 Massive, pure limestone, gray, fine grained, often oolitic, abounding in crinoidal remains and Stenopora fibrosa 2o 3 Massive, bluish black, tolerably pure, nodular limestone, containing M aclureamagna and masses of black chert 45 4 Similar to no.
Page 510 - ... with crystalline limestone, occurs only in Black Brook Township. The limestone is coarsely crystalline, and much of it is nearly pure, but very often it contains a large amount of green pyroxene. 3. The gabbros occur in three areas, which are outliers of the main gabbro massive of the Adirondacks. One is in Ausable Township, extending north and west of Keeseville, and is the direct prolongation northeastward of a great gabbro ridge which comes up to Keeseville from the southwest. The second forms...
Page 566 - Maclurea magma and masses of black chert, ... 45 " 4. Similar to No. 3, but containing in addition to Maclurea, various species of Orthoceras and large masses of Stromatoceriiim, . . 90
Page 515 - ... Chazy limestone. This limestone is well exposed at the village of Chazy as well as in other parts of Chazy township, specially just north of Plattsburg, and on Bluff point two miles south of the latter place, whence it extends south into Peru, where the lower portion of the formation is well shown. The aggregate thickness of the Chazy limestone at Chazy village is 740 feet, while at Valcour it is said to be 890 feet. The rock is quarried at a number of points for obtaining marble, rough building...
Page 508 - ... Kemp, he gives the pre-Cambrian succession as: (1) A basal gneissic series; (2) a series of schists and gneisses, with crystalline limestone; (3) igneous rocks of the gabbro type, intrusive in the first two series. All of these are overlain unconformably by Paleozoic sediments. This classification is tentative, and probably simpler than the one finally adopted is likely to be. 1. The bassic gneissic series appears in the western tier of townships of the county, with the exception of Clinton,...
Page 545 - ... County to 2.73 in the coarse-grained porphyritic biotite granite of Clouds Creek. Saluda County, and in ratio of absorption from 0.129 in the porphyritic granite of Kershaw County to 0.57 in the massive finegrained granite of Newberry County. COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH. Tests to ascertain the compressive or crushing strength have been made, so far as the writer is aware, on very few of the South Carolina granites. Through the courtesy of Mr. BH Heyward, general Rock.

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