The Voyages of Sir James Lancaster, Kt., to the East Indies: With Abstracts of Journals of Voyages to the East Indies During the Seventeenth Century, Preserved in the India Office : and the Voyage of Captain John Knight (1606), to Seek the North-west Passage

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Sir Clements Robert Markham
Hakluyt Society, 1877 - East Indies - 314 pages

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Page ix - wher in (like the faction) he offered me all kindly services. The bearer is a man of maruailous redie witt, and speakes in eloquent Portugués. He layt abord me. „ 5. I sent the interpreter, according to his desier, abord the Hector, whear he brooke fast, and after came abord mee, wher we gave the tragedie of
Page 62 - the men of other ships was this : he brought to sea with him certaine bottles of the juice of limons, which he gave to each one as long as it would last, three spoonfuls every morning fasting, not suffering them to eate anything after it till noone.
Page 73 - stripped off, and the pill, by that time it was dry, turned into an hard stone, much like to white corrali ; so that this worme was twice transformed into different natures: of these we gathered, and brought home many. 1
Page 15 - which hath one home onely in her forehead, and is thought to be the female unicorne, and is highly esteemed of all the Moores in those parts as a most soueraigne remedie against poyson. We had onely two or three of these homes, which are the colour of a
Page 4 - Abraham Kendal, 1 which for many reasons we thought good to send home. The disease that hath consumed our men hath bene the skurvie. Our souldiers which have not bene used to the sea, have best held out, but our mariners dropt away, which (in my judgment) proceedeth of their
Page 3 - a knife. The oxen be very large and well fleshed, but not fat. The sheepe are very big, and very good meat ; they have no woll on their backs, but haire, and have great tailes, like the sheepe in Syria. There be divers sorts of wild beasts, as the antelope
Page 15 - vs, told him that we had gilt armour, shirtes of maile and halberds, which things they greatly desire ; for hope whereof he let him returne aboord, and so he escaped the danger. Thus we left this coast and went backe againe in sight of Sumatra, and thence to the Hands of Nicubar, where we
Page 40 - a piece, if the Hollanders did offer any resistance, to run aboord of them, and to set their owne ships on fire, and scape in their boats, which they had for the same purpose, that by this meanes they might not impeach our entrance. But when the morning was come, we were fallen aboue
Page 63 - and such like, and made signes to them to bring him downe sheepe and oxen. For he spake to them in the cattels language, which was never changed at the confusion of Babeli, which was " moath" for oxen and kine, and "baa" for .sheepe, which language the people
Page 33 - weather, we could no sooner lay it on, but it was dry, and as hard as a stone. In this moneth of April, 1594, the weather being very hot, we were afrayd our water should faile vs, and therefore made the more haste away : and, at our departure,

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