The Volunteer's Hand Book: Containing an Abridgment of Hardee's Infantry Tactics, Adapted to the Use of the Percussion Musket in Squad and Company Exercises, Manual of Arms for Riflemen, and United States Army Regulations as to Parades, Reviews, Inspections, Guard Mounting, &c

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West & Johnston, 1861 - Infantry drill and tactics - 96 pages

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Page 39 - At the command march, the designated companies will face to the left in marching, and immediately take the double quick step; each captain will cause the head of his company to disengage itself to the rear, and the left guide will place himself at the head of the front rank; the captain of the third company will conform himself to what is prescribed No.
Page 66 - One time and three motions. 17-, (First motion.) Raise the piece slightly with the right hand, making a half face to the right on the left heel ; carry the right foot to the rear, and place it at right angles to the left, the hollow of it opposite to, and against the left heel; grasp the piece with the left hand at the lower band and detach it slightly from the shoulder.
Page 63 - Turn the piece with both hands, the barrel to the front ; bring it opposite the left shoulder, the butt against the hip, the left hand at the lower band, the thumb as high as the...
Page 9 - At the third command, each man will front by facing to the left, if marching by the right flank, and by a face to the right, if marching by the left flank. The rear rank men will at the same time move quickly into their places, so as to form the squad again into one rank.
Page 12 - At the command march, to be pronounced at the instant the rank ought to turn, the guide will face to the left (or right) in marching, and move forward in the new direction without slackening or quickening the cadence, and without shortening or lengthening the step. The whole rank will promptly conform itself to the new direction: to effect which, each man will advance the shoulder opposite to the guide, take the double quick step, to carry himself in the new direction, turn the head and eyes to the...
Page 2 - At the word about, the recruit will turn on the left heel, bring the left toe to the front, carry the right foot to the rear, the hollow opposite to, and full three inches from, the left heel, the feet square to each other.
Page 3 - ... out ; at the same time throw the weight of the body forward, and plant the foot without shock, weight of body resting upon it ; next, in like manner, advance the right foot and plant it as above ; continue the march, keeping the face to the front. The instructor indicates from time to time the cadence of the step by calling one, two, three four ; or, left, right...
Page 39 - At the command march, the company will move off briskly in quick time; the covering sergeant at the head of the front rank, and the captain on his left, will march straight forward. The men of each file will march abreast of their respective front rank men, heads direct to the front; the file closers will march opposite their places in line of battle.
Page 12 - ... so as to clear the point of the wheel. The middle of the rank will bend slightly to the rear. As soon as the movement shall commence, the man who conducts the marching flank will cast his eyes on the ground over which he will have to pass.
Page 85 - Grand rounds," and the sentinel will reply-—" Halt, grand rounds. Advance, sergeant, with the countersign" Upon which the sergeant advances and gives the countersign. The sentinel will then cry-— "Advance, rounds" and stand at a shoulder till they have passed. When the sentinel before the guard challenges, and is answered — "Grand rounds," he will reply— "Halt, grand rounds.

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