Early Voyages and Travels to Russia and Persia, Issue 73

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Hakluyt Society, 1886 - Great Britain
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Page 230 - Elizabeth, by the grace of God Queene of England, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, etc.
Page 339 - When they had shot them all off, they began to charge them againe, and so shot them al off 3 times after the first order, beginning with the smallest, and ending with the greatest. And note that before they had ended their shooting, the 2 houses that they shot unto were beaten in pieces, & yet they were very strongly made of Wood and filled with earth, being at the least 30 foote thicke. This triumph being ended, the Emperour departed and rode home in the same order that he came foorth into the field....
Page 342 - ... ears. Upon this horse the Metropolitane sitteth sidelong like a woman : in his lappe lieth a faire booke, with a crucifix of Goldsmiths worke upon the cover, which he holdeth fast with his left hand, and in his right hand he hath a crosse of gold, with which crosse he ceaseth not to blesse the people as he rideth.
Page 340 - Saints, which images men carie upon their shoulders: after the images follow certaine priests to the number of 100 or more: after them the Metropolitan who is led betweene two priests, and after the Metropolitan came the Emperour with his crowne upon his head, and after his majestie all his noble men orderly. Thus they followed the procession unto the water, & when they came unto the hole that was made, the priests set themselves in order round about it. And...
Page 353 - ... among them, that it is counted for no shame ; they grease their faces with such colours, that a man may discerne them hanging on their faces almost a flight shoot off...
Page 341 - Majestie eateth but one morsel of bread, and drinketh but one draught of drinke once in the day during that weeke, and all men that are of any reputation come not out of their houses during that time, so that the streetes are almost void of company, saving a few poore folkes which wander to and fro. The other sixe weekes they keepe as we do ours, but not one of them will eate either butter, cheese, egs or milke.
Page 424 - ... taking a great shot or bullet in his hand, willed the messenger to tel them that they should not want of that geare, so long as it would last. The ninth day newes was brought that the Crims determined to assault the towne or castle, and were making of fagots of reede, to bring with them for that purpose. The tenth day two Russes that were captives, and two of the Tartars bondmen ranne away from the Nagayes, and came into Astracan.
Page 410 - The towne is but euill builded, and for the most part all of bricke, not hardened with fire, but onely dried at the Sunne, as is the most part of the building of all Persia. The King hath not come out of the compasse of his owne house in three and thirtie or foure and thirtie yeeres, whereof the cause is not knowen, but as they 1 Eden, p.
Page 430 - Golding, with those souldiours to the captaine of hu port. Backow, which place standeth hard by the sea, to certifie him of their arriuall, and what commodities they had brought, and to 1 So called after Mt. Besh Barmak, which rises two miles from the shore to a height of 1,935 ft. Besh Barmak means "the five fingers", from the five distinct peaks which formerly stood in a row along its crest. The rocks, three in number, seen by Burroughs, are marked on Ivashintsef's charts much nearer the shore...
Page 227 - Russia, loi-itten by John Hasse in 1554 (HakL, 1589), p. 293. A comparison of the relative values of Russian and English coins then and now would be interesting, but this would lead us too far from our subject ; suffice it to say that within the memory of persons still living, mercantile transactions were settled in silver money, great bags of which were carried between the different countinghouses. The introduction of a paper currency dispensed with this unwieldy system of transacting business,...