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One of the better and more accurate portrayals of Leo, but it should still be remembered that Leo snd lions are not mere "kings" due to looks or divine right alone but rather because lions must constantly and often brutally battle any potential rivals and threats to their territory. They are not just "performer" or "artist" but WARRIOR-KING and it should be remembered that ALL the fire signs had aspects of war to them (and in Vedic astrology, they still do). And in fact, Marcus Manilius actually described Leo (along with Scorpio and Sagittarius) as fierce and warlike while Aries had more gentle qualities which made much more sense due to its sheep symbolism. And Firmicus Maternus also described Leo Rising as maddened, warlike, and included athlete, gladiator, and warrior as a few of the occupations suitable for some of the Leo degrees.
Also, the whole "theatre" and "performer " stuff is just an a small aspect of the 5th House which includes sports and athletics. Like lions, Leos are powerful, courageous, fierce, aggressive, passionate, strong-willed, and dominant. Remember, the Sun is technically the most powerful and active force in the solar system, not Mars or Pluto so don't let the Sun's seemingly "passivity" fool you into thinking that "Mars" or some other planet "does all the work." If anything, it's the opposite. The Sun encourages and even forces the other planets to DO work. But by themselves, the planets couldn't move or do anything. The planets need the Sun, but it doesn't need them to do its job as a star. In their confusion, modern astrology often confuses the roles.
It should also be remembered that earliest references to medical astrology did NOT assign the heart to Leo, but rather Cancer while Leo was assigned the sides and shoulders (Marcus Manilius) and the breast and stomach (Firmicus Maternus). So the more spiritual, emotional, and loving aspects that association with the heart brings was a later addition. But I do like Leo's association with the heart when it's remembered that the heart also signifies courage, vitality, strength of will, and fighting spirit.
Let's also not forget that while Leo rules palace and forts, it also ruled over forests and mountains which means that both they enjoy the outdoors and their alone time so the "center of attention" thing is usually a modern exaggeration.
But other than that, this book at least did explore the more historical aspects of the signs.

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