The Barnabys in America, Or Adventures of the Widow Wedded

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Baudry's European Library, 1843 - 362 pages

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Page 38 - oak-tree, the result of advanced age, every year of which had added to its bulk. All the fat which had thus miraculously found a resting-place on the bones of Mrs. Carmichael, had. been considerably less than forty years in collecting itself together, and had her face been finished
Page 13 - I was near her. Alas! Patty, a jealous husband is the most terrible of tyrants. God grant that this dreadful fate may never be yours." "Oh! there is no danger at all of that, papa, for I love my handsome husband a great deal too well to let any body else make love to me.
Page 295 - What in the world does all this mean, major?" said she, looking a little as if she intended to be out of temper. " I should like to know, if you please, what reason you can possibly have for insisting upon paying every thing to-night, just as if we had not another hour to stay here?
Page 155 - did not forget herself, though it was less by memory than by prophecy, that she became in sleep the subject of her own high imaginings. It was probably from the more than common intensity of the emotions which produced these sleeping visions, that she at once gave birth to them in words, and with perfect
Page 62 - he was the most ill-bred and impertinent of men." Did an English traveller venture to mention any beauty either of nature, or of art, that he had left behind him, she would exclaim to her neighbour, If her beautiful eyes beheld a tall Englishman,
Page 282 - receive. And make his acquaintance in some way or other, he was quite determined they should, though he felt that it would require rather more time than at New Orleans, to decide in what way it might be done with the best chance of conducing to the one great end he ever had in view.
Page 274 - overtaken it; but this delay gave time to turn the corner, and when he stepped forth into the street not a single living object was to be seen, save a very hungry-looking little cur, which at that moment was passing the steps, and which on seeing him trotted up them, looking piteously in his face.
Page 259 - to her fitting out, which showed upon her like a white rose stuck in the unshapely ear of an elephant, till the worthy Rachel, who, though a quaker, had enough of the woman in her to see through such trickery, felt persuaded that she was nothing better than a great overblown cheat, and in pursuance
Page 223 - day ., nor have I been fortunate enough to see her at all this morning." Miss Perkins shook her head mournfully in reply, but did not answer him in words. " You do not think her seriously ill, Miss Perkins? "said the young man, changing colour. " No, sir, no, I don't indeed," said the kind soul, endeavouring

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