Official National Guard Register

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1922 - United States

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I am a former member and a proud one of the New York National Guard having served out of Rochester, New York with Alpha Battery, 1st Battalion, 209th Field Artillery Regiment ("The Rochester Redlegs") a subordinate unit to the 209th "Hoofbeats to Howitzers" Field Artillery Brigade also headquartered in Rochester while I served from August 1966 until my discharge as a SGT (E5) from the FDC (Fire Direction Center) in August 1972. I served under Presidents Johnson and Nixon during the Vietnam War in Asia, our second "Asian War". I am in the process of researching my old unit which had its origins in the 121st Cavalry Regiment out of Rochester and in 1940 forming the 209th Coast Artillery Regiment (Anti-Aircraft Artillery), the unit was broken up when it arrived in Ireland during the Second World War forming the 209th Coast Artillery Group (AA) and subordinate units one of which (my unit) was the 102nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery (Automatic Weapons) battalion that proudly served in North Africa, Sicily and ultimately in Italy and France. My unit served first under General Mark Clark's Fifth Army, the Allied Forces in North Africa under Eisenhower and then the Seventh Army which were Allied with forces from the United Kingdom and Polish forces.
This register will be an invaluable resource in my continuing research on units like the 27th Division of New York and other National Guard units of interest to me from California. I highly recommend it to other military historians and researchers. Best to all from Midlothian, Virginia, my new home in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

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Well Worth the Investment to Report ,to the best of your ability to any related source .Especially when Loss concerns any type of incedent that concerns any Mis-Reporting of Life,Limb and Heirarchial Properties.Any Substantiated Efforrt to initiate and Forward the Efforts of our Forfathers is actually Recorded and retrievable at some Point and Location when the Effort is Applied,Irregaurdless to the Grave Mis-Doers Counter Efforts, A War well worth the Investment for All Children and Human-kind Worldly Endowed with the Ergomagnetic fields of Science. Well Meaning Sources of Sound and Regimentedly Uniform Regulated Sevitude..Significantly reEducate our Intendives that Guide us through the Most Influential Memory Courses through-out Time. A Good Sound and Strictly Enforce Set Guide-lines well worth the effort regaurdless the recognition. World Casualty Loss , Factual Statistical Reporting is Significant in all World Exchanged Data. Basically
Upon Consciously Entering World Enrichment Course a higher Education Levels, We Tend to resolve a larger portion of misconcepted internal reports,and recognize the Often Unnoticed Diviated Scientific feild that inadvertantly realign our historical Data and Devert the Actual Truths and Factual Findings that Build our Society Both in Medical and Educational Fields alike.Bridgeing the often often forgotten truth that we are allowable for accidents as long as they are Unintentional and respectfully Recognised as they Alter Our Courses. Thank You to all the Engineered Service Field Workers and Effort they Provide Unitedly and With Serviceable Pride .Nationally Initiated Initiatives help us Focus and Field our Commissions and commands to each Field they are Applied . Even the Unrecognized Serviced Fields which are in Our Military andIndustrial Sectors ,Govermentally Regiemed as Strictly Mandated UNSEEN Fields of Report,are to be Recognised from Time to Time.And Reported to Every Internationally Registered Source,Thus Allowing communications and international co-allitioned Members of Executive Offices and Recognized Chambers of CommerceLeaving Leaders to be able to Freely Inspect ,Collaberate and Comprimise on a Fairly ansd structured Office Policy. In OUR NEXT EVENT I HOPE WE May we achieve the Honor of Serviceing our Fellow Countrymen and their Prior Congressionally Agreed-upon TREATIES. WRITTEN by " Elizabeth" Arndt in Memory of My God Given "Namesake", Her MAGIESTY "QUEEN ELIZABETH" herself, Embellished in the Sanction of World Respectitudes for which we are Charmed for. Thank You for the Wonderment of Everlasting Enchantment Elizabeth, I am Charmed forever. Carla november 12th: England by Choice 2010

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