The Every-day Diseases of Children and Their Rational Treatment

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Clinic Publishing Company, 1907 - Children - 386 pages
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Page 330 - I should say that epilepsy is a disease constituted by chronic paroxysms, excited upon a direct or reflex action of the medulla oblongata, in a condition of exalted irritability, coincident with sudden depression in the cerebral circulation and with loss of consciousness, with or without muscular spasms.
Page 166 - Liver, sugars, sweets or starches of any kind, wheaten bread or biscuits, corn bread, oatmeal, barley, rice, rye bread, arrowroot, sago, macaroni, tapioca, vermicelli, potatoes, parsnips, beets, turnips, peas, carrots, melons, fruits, puddings, pastry, pies, ices, honey, jams, sweet or sparkling wines, cordials, cider, porter, lager, chestnuts, peanuts.
Page 390 - Guide to Alkaloidal Medication This book is indispensable to every physician interested in alkaloidal medication. It contains over 300 pages of applied and proven therapeutics, with an additional 100 pages devoted to an exhaustive clinical index. It is written in Dr. Shaller's inimitable style, embodying his personal research and experience, with that of many others. There are 45 chapters covering the application, therapeutics and dosage of the principal alkaloids. "A LIBRARY IN ITSELF.
Page 391 - ... the standard surgical textbooks. It consists of the detailed surgical facts which the general practitioner can use every day. It tells how to treat successfully such common ailments as piles, rectal fistula, felons, chilblains, varicocele, boils, and carbuncles — both surgically and non-surgically, with special attention to nonoperative methods. There are hints concerning the management of fractures and dislocations; concerning the applications of bandages, dressings, and compresses; concerning...
Page 390 - WOULDN'T BE WITHOUT IT." I would not take J10.00 for my Shaller's Guide If I couldn't get another. Decatur, 111. DR. DC BAYLY. $1.00 POSTPAID. Order today, and if on receipt and careful reading it doesn't prove to be as meaty a little book as you ever saw, send it back and we'll refund your mon:y — postage too. You may be one of the favored thousands who have enjoyed the first edition for several years; if so you know you want this. With new or renewing subscription to The American Journal of Clinical...
Page 390 - PRACTICAL." I received Shaller's Guide to Alkaloidal Medication and have perused it with interest. I must say that I am more impressed with it than any work which I have read in a long time. It is PRACTICAL and will be a help to the general practitioner who desires to become acquainted with the methods it teaches. Winsboro, Tex. MB PALLARD, MD "JUST THE THING.
Page 166 - Meats. — Fat beef, mutton, ham or bacon, poultry, sweetbreads, calf's head, sausage, kidneys, pig's feet, tongue, tripe, game (all cooked free of flour, potatoes, bread or crackers).
Page 330 - Epilepsy is a disease or disorder affecting the brain. characterized by recurrent paroxysms which are abrupt in appearance, variable in duration but generally short, and in which there is impairment or loss of consciousness, together with impairment or loss of motor coordination, with or without convulsions.
Page 392 - 08, combination price, $2.75. You MAY EXAMINE THE BOOK WITHOUT BUYING IT. OUR OFFER: Send us one dollar — receive the look — look it over and if you cannot see that it will increase your practice return it the same day and receive your money back immediately. Address THE CLINIC PUBLISHING CO. RAVENSWOOD STATION - - - CHICAGO Clinical Medicine "CLINICAL MEDICINE...
Page 392 - In justice to yourself, Doctor, and to your little patients of tender age, you should read Dr. WF Radue's new book on the treatment of THE DISEASES OF CHILDREN The teachings of this little work are drawn from the personal experiences and the untiring efforts of the writer in treating children with the active principles and other later-day medicaments. It is of convenient size, 165 pages, and contains chapters on the Clinical Examination of Children, Hygienic Points, the Diagnostic Value of Special...

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