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Soldiers Abroad Give More Money To Obama Than McCain
Barack Obama (American president); 1961- (Presidential campaign, 2008), John S. McCain (American senator); 1936- (Presidential campaign, 2008), Republican Party (U.S.) (Finance), Democratic Party (U.S.) (Finance), Campaign funds, United States (Armed Forces)
Minorities To Become The Majority By 2042
United States Bureau of the Census, Minorities (Statistics), Population forecasting, United States (Population)
Kings Of Comedy, Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Rock, Don Cheadle Among Celebrities At Bernie Mac Memorial
Bernie Mac (American comedian and actor) (Death and burial), Memorial services
Nation's First Black Quints Turn 25 In Indianapolis
Ashlee Gaither (American college student and quintuplet); 1983- (Birth), Brandon Gaither (American shipper and quintuplet); 1983- (Birth), Joshua Gaither (American security guard and quintuplet); 1983- (Birth), Renee Gaither (American medical studient and quintuplet); 1983- (Birth), Rhealyn Gaither (American homemaker and quintuplet); 1983- (Birth), Quintuplets
This Week In Black History
Guion S. Bluford (American astronaut.); 1942-
Comedian's Death Puts Sarcoidosis In Spotlight
Bernie Mac (American comedian and actor) (Death and burial), Sarcoidosis
Rap Icon LL Cool J: 'Wisdom Is More Valuable Than Money'.
LL Cool J (American rapper and actor.)
Ice Cube Mixes Up Summer With New Movie And CD.
Ice Cube (Musician) (American rapper and actor.), Long shots: the life and times of the American Basketball Association (Television program)

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