Description of the Anglo-Gallic Coins in the British Museum

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Page 13 - ... when the will of heaven, and the common destinies of our nature, shall have swept away the present generation, you will have left your great name...
Page 27 - ... day of January, in the year 1419; and on the following Thursday, the 19th of the same month, the king of England made his public entry into the town of Rouen with great pomp, attended by the princes of his blood and numbers of his nobles. He was followed by a page mounted on a beautiful horse, bearing a lance, at the end of which, near the point, was fastened a fox's brush, by way of streamer, which afforded great matter of remark among the wise-heads.
Page 28 - Elmham, and Stowe after him, give the explanation of thiS. In 1414, Henry the Fifth " kept his Lent in the castle of Kenilworth, and caused an arbour to be planted in the marsh there for his pleasure, amongst the thorns and bushes, where a Fox before had harboured : which Fox HK KILLED, being a thing then thought to prognosticate that he should expel the rrafty deceit of the FRENCH KINO.
Page iii - The inaccuracy of most of these is much to be regretted; and so generally pervades every work which has treated of this series, that no dependence can be placed upon any description, or conjecture founded upon them. Several authors have copied the errors of their predecessors, and added fresh ones of their own; the same identical coin has been differently represented by different authors, and thereby become the authority for various types which have no real existence.
Page 38 - That this piece has reference to the circumstances of the country produced by the claims of Warbeck, is probable ; it is also probable that it is a small medal, and not a coin. If a coin, it would surely have borne the name as well as the title of the king de jure or de facto, who issued them. If Henry struck them, they would have borne his usual titles; if the Pretender, he would assuredly have expressed his titles in terms at least as strong as those of the reigning monarch. The weaker the claim,...
Page 4 - Catharine of Aragon, the widow of his elder brother, Arthur, lately deceased. To marry his brother's widow a papal dispensation was necessary, which was granted by Pope Julius II. on Catharine's representation, the truth...
Page 18 - June 1376, in the 46th year of his age, and was buried at Canterbury.
Page 44 - Gloria in excelsis Deo, et in terra Pax hominibus. Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace towards men.
Page 73 - Within a compartment of double moulding of ten arches, each terminating in a fleur de lis, is a Cross Calvary between a fleur de lis, and a lion passant guardant ; underneath, the letter I).
Page 46 - Compartment of double moulding of four arches and as many angles, having an open quatrefoil in each spandril...

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