A Priced Catalogue of Autographs, Relics and Curiosities, Books, Pictures and Engravings

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Henry B. Ashmead, 1864 - Autographs - 50 pages
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Page 4 - Moss, 1434 Spruce. MRS. JOHN R. LATIMER, Wilmington, Del. MRS. THOS. NEWBOLD, 1105 Clinton. CATALOGUE OF AUTOGRAPHS, ETC. ABBREVIATIONS.—LS, Letter Signed; ALS, Autograph Letter Signed; DS, Document Signed ; S, Autograph Signature ; ANS, Autograph Note Signed; AF, Autograph Frank ; Env., Envelope directed in handwriting of the party, sold
Page 50 - the American shield inlaid on the cover. This Album it is proposed to subscribe for, to present either to Edward Everett or General Grant. Any one forwarding one dollar, mentioning which of the candidates preferred, will have his or her name inscribed in a book, and given to the successful competitor. (Mrs. Thomas P. James.)
Page 19 - ANS. (Mrs. 0. Wister.) $1. Foster, JW, ALS, 3 pages, 8vo., 1851. (Miss F. Lea.) 50 cts, Francis, John W., S. (New York Fair.) 50 cts. •Fox, George, ALS, 2 pages, folio, signed " G. F " with endorsement of William Penn, from the collection of John Penn, Stoke Pogis. (J. Francis Fisher.) $50.
Page 47 - mark of the Central Fair. Framed in rustic style with wood taken from a caisson box left on the battle-field of Gettysburg, July, 1863. With certificate on the back. Curious pen and ink drawing of General Washington, by D. D. Johnson. (Miss Sarah Ellen Smith.) Curious pen and ink drawing of Com.
Page 47 - MISCELLANEOUS. The following are not priced, but open for competition. Warrant for the arrest of Benedict Arnold, the traitor, for drunkenness. Arnold at this time was 20 years of age. Framed and glazed. (FJ Dreer.) Scott, Sir Walter, three lines of MS. from the Crusaders. Elegantly framed and glazed. (JG Moxey.)
Page 18 - Col. Chas., Jr., ALS, 4 pages, 4to., May 22, 1861. Eilet, Col. Chas., Jr., ALS, 4 pages, 1862. (Miss Eilet.) $3. Espy, JP, note S. (New York Fair.) 50 cts. Eastlake, С. L., S. (New York Fair.) $1. Eastburn, Mantón, Rt. Rev., 1 page, 8vo., 1864. 75 cts. Emerson, RW, 51 pages MSS, Preface to the American
Page 49 - Magnificently bound in green and gold, large 4to. (Mrs. TP James.) Book containing autograph letters of all the Presidents of the United States. (Mrs. Bernard Henry.) MSS. copy of "The First Prayer in Congress," (made by the papers of John Hancock. 1 page, folio, in oiled walnut Rev. Mr.
Page 47 - February 16th, 1815. Signed Andrew Jackson, Major General. (FJ Dreer.) The Podesta's Daughter, MS. of. By George H. Boker. Elegantly bound. (Mrs. Haven.) Book of the Presidents of the United States. Full letters of each. Illustrated by portraits, with an elegant title page. (FJ Dreer.) Diary of Mason and Dixon. The original MS. survey of the celebrated line.
Page 31 - Gouverneur, ALS, 1 page, 4to., September, 1799. (Mrs. JV Merrick.) $3. Mason, Jeremiah, S. (Capt. Goldsborough, USN) 50 cts. Mason, Jeremiah, DS, 1807. (J. McAllister.) 75 cts. Mason, Jeremiah, ALS, 1 page, 4to. (J. McAllister.) $1. Markham, William, Gov., DS, with seal, 1 page, folio, 1679. (Miss Pennington.)
Page 50 - were the grantors, being omitted. The document is upon parchment, neatly engrossed, and with the exception of a trifling injury by mice, is in perfect preservation. It is enclosed between plates of glass in a neat frame, so that both sides are open to inspection. «THE PEN

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