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Before I can share my opinion of this publication, I want to share now that I am not a professional critic, botanist, horticulture expert, academic or pretentious snob. What I am is a native California gardener who is obsessed with all aspects of our state's native flora. In so, I developed a healthy appetite for native plant literature (both in print and online) as it relates to plant propagation.
Though Ms. Schmidt's book was published in 1980, do not let its publication date make you feel you are missing something. Basically, when I am possession of seeds I want to sow, it is my first go-to reference publication (as it relates to seed treatment, growing medium, and sowing methods). Her writing style is laymen-readable, compact, to the point, and rich. Because I am focused on the propagation of particular CA natives, I can say from experience, that I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn (from scratch) how and which propagation methods to employ for the wild wild world of CA plants. ~R. Sullivan (

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